Import Old Recordings

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Import Old Recordings

Post by ksheldon » Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:52 pm

This post appears also in the General Discussion section.

I have a collection of "recordings" and "videos" I have accumulated over several years from several versions of mythtv.

In V.30 and before, I used the "optical disc import/export" menu functions to transfer individual recordings between the myth backend and a NAS file server. Now, for each archived recording/video, I have a manifest (.XML file, <!DOCTYPE MYTHARCHIVEITEM>, <item type="recording" databaseversion="1160" > or <item type="video" databaseversion="1160" >), and a video file (.NUV or .MPG or .ISO), and for most, a cover/thumbnail image (.JPG or .PNG).

Today, I installed ubuntu 20.04 and myth v31. I can find no way to to import these archived recordings. I can copy the video files NUV, ISO, or MPG) to the VIDEOS folder and use mythutil --scanvideos. However, that does not read the metadata from the XML files.

Is there a command/script/plugin/addon I can use to import the recordings with the metadata?
Is there a way to update the metadata (esp title, description, and date) of the imported VIDEOS using the information from the MYTHARCHIVEITEM XML files?

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