MythTV 31, "glitchy" menus when playing ISO of DVD

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MythTV 31, "glitchy" menus when playing ISO of DVD

Post by wmorrison » Sat Jun 06, 2020 5:54 pm

When I go to Media Library -> Watch Videos and choose an ISO of a DVD I own, once it plays past all the trailers etc. and gets to the main DVD menu, it plays "glitchy." That is, if there is any video or audio for that menu, they play as if they are on "fast forward." If the menu only has a static background, the screen is blank. The arrow keys work to choose different menu options (if I remember where they are) and pressing enter chooses them. Once video is playing (main feature, special feature, trailers) it plays normally.

This worked on MythTV 30.

(I just finished updating my OS to 20.04, but before I did any of that I updated MythTV to 31, and the problem with ISOs happened then too.)

Anybody else notice this? Are there any settings for the internal video player? (I think this is used for ISOs as well as other videos?)

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