Aspect wrong, whose fault? (channel? epg? myth?)

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Aspect wrong, whose fault? (channel? epg? myth?)

Post by wmorrison » Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:05 pm

I've got a few channels where recorded programs play with the wrong aspect ratio. I can override it to the correct ratio when playing, but I'm wondering where MythTV gets the data for aspect ratio.

Is it from the channel itself? Or from the channel info from SchedulesDirect? Or somewhere else?

I think it is from the channel, but want to be sure before I attempt to contact them about it. I don't have high hopes that they would respond or fix it, but still, I'd like to report it.

The problem is, a channel is transmitting a 720x480 picture, but says the aspect is 1.333333. So when the actual picture is 4:3, 640x480 with black bars on the left and right to pad to 720x480, it gets played "squished" horizontally into a 4:3 area with more black bars added to the sides, and the picture itself looks about square.

Manually choosing 16:9 fixes it, but of course I have to do this every time I start watching a recording from this channel. I'd like to alert the station if this problem is actually coming from them.

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Re: Aspect wrong, whose fault? (channel? epg? myth?)

Post by wesnewell » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:57 pm

IFAIK, it gets it from the station. You can setup the tv to whatever it supports, and you can also setup myththv to what ever you want. However it is displayed depends on both the TV setting and mythtv setting. Choose whatever you want.
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