cutpoints are not saved any more

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cutpoints are not saved any more

Post by lowlandmyth » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:33 am

I am using Knoppmyth (old and no longer maintained, i do know) and until yesterday i could edit my recordings and insert cut-points and sections to delete
(i have done this without trouble for years, using the same system and setup),, but now i can insert cut-points and on leaving the editing function these cut-points are no longer saved in the recording!!!!

In the old situation, after ending the editing in a new running of the recording the playing reacted on the cut-points (only playing what was not cut-out).
Now the recoding plays as recorded: the cut-points are gone....

Anybody with knowledge what i can do to repair?
Knoppmyth uses Mythtv, so that's why i dare to ask here.

Thank you for any halp on this.

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