Mythcommflag logo detection

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Mythcommflag logo detection

Post by rodr » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:23 am

Trying to figure out why mythcommflag is not detecting any commercials in some of my recordings here in Australia. One I am testing with is a sports news piece, 1 hour long. It has multiple logos that appear for a while at various times, but only one that appears all the time (top left of screen) except during commercials. At the bottom there are also persistent framed areas with things like scrolling news text and scores.

The recording opens with a commercial that runs for about a minute, then the next commercial does not appear until after 13 minutes.

Given that a suitable logo is there, I can only imagine logo detection is failing in these cases. Any ideas for things I can tweak to improve it? I'm running MythTV 29.1 as provided with Mint 19.

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