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Channel Name vs Callsign

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:41 am
by ricks03
I'm currently getting my channel information from SchedulesDirect.

When I go to MythTV setup,and look at a particular channel, the channel is
Channel Name: WRAL_HD
Callsign: WRAL_HD

When i look at the Listings in MythWeb, the channel displayed as : 5.1 (WRAL_HD)

For me, WRAL is CBS. I'd like to be able to update the display so it shows that the station is CBS, without breaking any matching that's going on for Schedules Direct. Digging aruond through the Wiki, I can't find a good explanation of the difference of these two fields?

Re: Channel Name vs Callsign

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:57 am
by dizygotheca
Always worth searching the mailing list archives for nuggets from mtdean.
Here's the first couple I found: ... 64122.html ... 65501.html

In your case I suggest you change the channel name to CBS and ensure the guide shows the name.
See viewtopic.php?t=1812&p=8942

That should get mythfrontend to do what you wish. Hopefully MythWeb respects the same setting (I don't use it).