Limit on Input Connections? Pls advise

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Limit on Input Connections? Pls advise

Post by AbEnd » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:48 am

Hi All,

First post, so bear with me.

Third iteration of my MythTV install, one every 8 months or so. Getting the procedure more refined every time.
Set up is: LNB--> Dish --> Motor --> TBS card --> desktop --> Ubuntu 14.04. --> MythTv using Diseqc 1.3 / USALS / GOTO X

Absolutely love it, and after the necessary challenges, I thought I'm at the point I can now fully utilise the setup potential.

The first iteration was all about the dish, motor USALS combination, and about the TBS card drivers. I have worked it out. And can successfully watch/record a small number of sats. Have some handy tools for others that might be interested. Let me know.
The second iteration was about cementing the procedure from iteration 1 and get confidence that this process can be repeated consistently.

This iteration, nr 3, is to truly use all the satellites that my dish can "see". And I seem to be stuck.
I think I'm correct in thinking that the back-end "input connection" option sets the satellite location, because the first screen you get will ask for the USALS location of the satellite. After that screen you get into the screens where ultimately you can scan for channels on the given satellite.
Once completed, a new "input connection" is available on the initial "input connection" page. The identifier looks like "/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0" followed by "DVB input #y --> xxx" where y is a number .e.g 1. and xxx designates a defined video source.
However if I want to define the 11th "input connection" I seem to be getting the initial screen from input connection designated as "DVB input #1 --> xxx" and not "DVB input #11 --> xxx" what I would expect.
So from where I am at the moment it looks as if you can only have a maximum of 10 "input connections" per capture card. Is that correct?
Which means that for my set-up I can have a maximum of 10 satellites.

Any thoughts from other motorised dish users or the developers is welcomed.

In return I offer support in sharing my experience with motorised systems, because it is really good.

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