Cannot populate epg database with HDHomerun connect

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Cannot populate epg database with HDHomerun connect

Post by BigGeoff » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:06 pm

The recent demise of my aged Shuttle-K45 prompted the purchase of a NUC6CAYH and HDHomerun Connect,installed my Mythbuntu 16.04.1 dvd to find the wireless is not recognised. After an hour+ of installing updates last night and more trawling through forums and help from a mod, I updated to kernel 4.8 which got my wireless up. This morning I continued with the initial setup, did channel scans (found loads), argued for hours about permissions for the storage directories and exited the backend setup, started the backend and ran mythfilldatabase but as it was scrolling up the terminal window I noticed that nothing was found. On starting the frontend and looking at the program guide it is all blank. If I run the utility HDHomerun config it finds channels on both tuners and I can watch them through VLC. I went back to the backend setup and now if I try to repeat a channel scan, setup freezes when I select the tuner in 'Input connections'. If I look at the underlying terminal window it sees there are two tuners but seems to time out trying to connect to them. Go back later and re-try and I can scan again, find channels but still nothing when I look at the epg in the frontend.

Honestly getting to my wits end with this one, in 9yr+ of using Mythtv I have never had so much trouble getting it to work.

Please help me to get back to a working system!
Intel NUC6CAYH 4GB Kingston ram Crucial MX300 275GB SSD HDHomerun CONNECT

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