Radio stream database has been updated

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Radio stream database has been updated

Post by paulh » Wed Mar 31, 2021 5:54 pm

I've just done a long over due update of the radio stream database used by MythMusic.

The database update has been semi-automated so will be updated more frequently from now on (at least 2 or 3 times a week).

Vital statistics :-

  • Total Number of Streams: 30419
  • Number of Broadcasters: 706
  • Number of streams with logo: 11132
  • Number of streams without logo: 19287
  • Number of streams confirmed working (in the UK): 25715
  • Number of streams confirmed not working (in the UK): 4704
  • Number of Genres: 117
  • Number of Countries: 178
  • Number of Languages: 73
  1. Some streams are geo blocked so only work in specific countries or play a warning audio track saying the stream isn't available in your country.
  2. The raw data comes from so if you spot any errors please help everyone by updating the upstream data at Radio? Sure!
  3. The broadcaster and logo data is specific to the MythTV stream database. If you see any errors or have and updates to either the broadcaster or logo data then please email me and I will make sure it gets updated.
  4. Your local copy of the stream database should update automatically when the housekeeping task runs every 24 hours but you can force an update by running 'mythutil --updateradiostreams'
  5. I'm slowly adding logos for streams when time allows but it's a time consuming task so any help finding suitable logos would be appreciated.
  6. Currently MythMusic only tries the first playback URL for each stream even though each stream may have up to 5 backup URL's it could try (my test app tries all URLs to determine if a stream is working or not) .

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