Mythtv front end hardware?

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Mythtv front end hardware?

Post by jimls » Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:40 pm

I am upgrading my hardware and planning to separate the FE and BE. Currently have FE and BE on Athlon II X2 255. I do OTA and a bit of on line movies on this machine. It works ok but starting things could be faster. Some of that is likely due to disk speed - it's a traditional HDD.

For the new backend I have an i5 with 16G of ram. Again a HDD. Should I add a SSD? If so, what all should I put on it and what to keep on the HDD. Also running zoneminder with 3 cams on this box and perhaps asterisk.

Plan to use the Athlon box as a front end.

Looking to add another front end and that's the main reason for the post. Was thinking of using a Pi but have an i3 M380 laptop that is gathering dust. Replaced it since it is kind of slow - actually very slow despite reinstalling Win7. Thinking this would make a better FE than Pi4 but want to confirm that. Would install Xubuntu 20.04 and Mythtv 31 (latest prod release).

Looking for feedback on all this. TIA.

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