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Samsung cable box firewire / Optimum

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 1:47 pm
by sailor20
I have had a Scientific Atlanta cable box since about 2000. I have Mythtv changing the channel via firewire along with a HD PVR 1212. The last couple of years I have had to call Optimum about two or more times a year as the cable box pops up a message if I want to watch tv to call them. They have worked there magic through some reboots and it works for the next six months. The most recent magic did not work and so they want to send me a Samsung box. I am on v0.28 still along with Fedora 28 (my computer doesn't have UEFI and had some grub issues trying to upgrade Fedora). Can the Samsung box channels be changed via firewire? I would assume that I can go the IR route, but my cable tv watching has dwindled to NJ Spotlight news, national news and CNBC (well via Roku CNBC app/channel and Optimum Android app).