IR blasting through HDPVR

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IR blasting through HDPVR

Post by Linuxgrrl » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:43 pm

I'm trying to get channel change to work using my Hauppauge HDPVR. I've tried many things, but I get the following error (i am using a lirc.conf that I found on the internet that identifies "blaster" as the relevant device):

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mary@mythbox:/dev$ irsend SEND_ONCE blaster 0_130_KEY_POWER

hardware does not support sending
Error running command: Input/output error
I can receive IR information just fine using the "mode2" command.
dmesg appears to report that it is seeing my blaster:

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[   18.396141] rc rc0: lirc_dev: driver ir_kbd_i2c registered at minor = 0, scancode receiver, no transmitter
[   18.621860] rc rc1: lirc_dev: driver ir_kbd_i2c registered at minor = 1, scancode receiver, raw IR transmitter
[63174.884213] rc rc1: lirc_dev: driver ir_kbd_i2c registered at minor = 1, scancode receiver, raw IR transmitter
Following the lirc wiki, I uncovered that my lirc device is /dev/input/event13. I verified that I have write permissions for both that device and /dev/lirc1.
(I also have a bttv card on board that seems to occupy lirc0)
Here is the info from my lirc_options:

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driver = devinput
device = /dev/lirc1
output = /var/run/lirc/lircd
Why does lirc think that my hardware won't support sending? My missing piece versus the lirc wiki instructions is that I'm not clear on what driver I should be using, but I've searched and can't seem to find / confirm the right driver. Here is some potentially relevant stuff from my lsmod:

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mary@mythbox:/etc/lirc$ lsmod | grep ir
ir_kbd_i2c             24576  0
rc_core                53248  5 ir_kbd_i2c,bttv,rc_hauppauge
dm_mirror              24576  0
dm_region_hash         20480  1 dm_mirror
dm_log                 20480  2 dm_region_hash,dm_mirror
For anyone who is using the HDPVR to transmit IR, what driver are you using? Is there some central place I can go to find this info?

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Re: IR blasting through HDPVR

Post by hedgehog52 » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:27 am

Don't know if you're still around, or if you got this working...

I'm pretty sure there is a bug in the HDPVR regarding the IR-Blaster. So don't use it. Instead, get one of these "". The mythtv setup page works without any grief. " ... using_LIRC" It's much easier than using a serial-ir blaster. I've got 2 backends. I bought one of these as an experiment. It worked so well that I bought a second one for my slave server.


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