Recommended DVB-S2 USB dongle

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Recommended DVB-S2 USB dongle

Post by damion2 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:19 pm

Hello everyone this is my 1st post*

Can somebody recommend a reliable for Linux, UK (Freesat), USB, DVB-S2 dongle ? This is to plug both (dual LNB I assume) of my Sky cables into.

The mythtv box I'm using is a tiny form factor, so I'm very keen to stick to USB. I previously used a DVB-T2 (PlayTV) USB device. I've moved house and now have newly installed Freeview and Freesat signal available, I'm assuming the Freesat would be better/more useful, but I'd be open to a suggested UK compatible USB DVB-T2 dongle to replace the PlayTV one which crashes approximately each month** and doesn't support HD in the UK.

In addition to gaining a Sky dish the house move sadly jogged the main HDD which was an external USB, and this has mostly conked out. It oddly works for a few hours at a time if used vertically ('twas horiz before), but is clearly on its last legs. I've backed up what I could, but this basically means I'll be running the very latest 64bit Ubuntu LTS and mythtv on a 1TB SSD (I might even compile fresh if there is a compelling reason to do that rather than the dpkg version with Ubuntu).

My forum search for "DVB-S2 USB recommended" returned one page which didn't yield much in the way of suggestions.

To clarify my query, I'm looking for really compatible and reliable USB receiver, ideally Sky but Freeview also okay, and this is for latest Linux. Props for an amazon url! :)

Thanks for any help.

- Damion

*At least I think so, I may have had an older username on here but it would have been _years_ ago. I've been using MythTV for probably a decade or so, mostly uneventfully. I've been using Linux since the late 1900s.

**This started around a year or so back with no software changes involved (unless I got exploited). I can't blame the PlayTV dongle as I have two and after switching, the other also started doing it. It'll sometimes be fine for >30 days but sometimes as short as a week, it'll crash needing modprobe -r or if I'm unlucky, a reboot. The only thing that could really have changed is how full the disk got. I guess potentially some weird freeview signal problem or maybe the usb h/w on the PC which would be odd and unfortunate as I also use an external HDD. The latest SSD and Ubuntu LTS would mean I'd need to start debugging from scratch having mostly ruled out s/w and disk load issues. But that's kind the point of this post as don't plan on sticking with PlayTV anyway.

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Re: Recommended DVB-S2 USB dongle

Post by jksj » Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:55 am

For DVB-T2 the Hauppauge WinTv-dualHD is rock solid. It works out of the box in Ubuntu and on Rasberry Pi. As there are only a couple of HD muxes in use a single one of these can record everything needed. I have no issues recording 3 HD streams on a NUC.
For DVB-S2 a single PCTV 461 E is also rock solid. It needs the Hauppauge PPA with Ubuntu 20.04 to get the latest driver. I suspect it would work out of the box with Ubuntu 20.10 but have not tried it.
However I have not managed to get 2 PCTV 461 E tuners working togethrer off the same CPU. I run one in a NUC and another in a slave backend hosted on a Pi 3.
Because of the way the channels are allocated to multiplexes 2 DVB-T2 tuners are more capeable than 2 DVB-S2 tuners.
This has to be balanced against the slight quality improvement of Satellite over Terrestrial the bit rate is higher.
I have never found two DVB-S2 tuners that will reliably work together.
An alternative thing to consider is using the Sat>IP client support currently being developed in Master that could give you up to 4 sat receivers over ethernet. See I don't know how the development is going but it looks like the best solution.

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