Support for NVidia Geforce 8300

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Support for NVidia Geforce 8300

Post by PhilB » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:54 pm

I have an Nvidia driver problem and would appreciate advice.

My 'live' Mythtv system is based on a 2009 vintage Asus M3N78-EM mobo which has an AMD CPU and Nvidia GEforce 8300
onboard graphics. It's running Ubuntu 14.04 and Mythtv 0.27. The graphics driver is Nvidia 304.117 and the whole setup is very stable.
If I do setup > additional drivers it lists 304.125 as available.

I now wish to migrate to Mythtv 29 and have set up Xubuntu 18.04 on a spare disk. I installed legacy drivers 340.106 which are claimed
to be compatible. The desktop is fine but unfortunately graphics is unstable with a browser which flickers vertically.
I don't think Mythtv is worth trying until that's resolved.
Settings > additional drivers only lists Nvidia 304.106 and X.Org X server Nouveau. has 304.137 available.

Is it possible to resolve this by perhaps:
a) extracting stable 304.117 from my live setup?
b) persuading the new Xubuntu system to load 304.125 from the same repository as my 'live' setup
c) I have downloaded 304.137 to another Linux system (
If I transfer this to the target system, what do I do with it?
d) something else?

Any insights really appreciated!

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