Which card for AMD-based system

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Which card for AMD-based system

Post by thechrissugden » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:41 am

I have a less-than-two-years-old AMD Motherboard and A6 processor with 8gig memory and a nearly empty 250gig SSD beside a terabyte of RAID space for longer-term storage. All are working well.

My goal is a DVR to use with my OTA antenna, but also to finally get all those family Christmas videos onto my hard drive. Analog recording is important for that second purpose.

My plan was to build MythTV on that machine with recordings going to the SSD first, and I'll figure out how to move them to the RAID later.

The MB has one PCI slot, into which I put a Hauppauge HVR 1600 74551. The Conexant firmware/drivers seems to be loading fine. I don't have any errors on boot.

The card may be faulty. Recordings would schedule but not record, and I've gotten one VHS to record without sound - that was outside Myth. I've played with every bit of Myth I can, and I beleive it's set up properly.

If I have to replace this card, I'm happy to do so. Same for the MB and CPU, since I've seen some complaints about Capture Cards not playing nice in systems based on AMD CPUs.

My first thought is to buy a new card. This card has one ATSC and one NTSC input, so multiple tuners seems like a good feature to go for in any case.

Since I need analog recording, I could buy a new multiple-ATSC tuner for the DVR and a new card with analog features for tapes.

What card(s) would you buy since that is my most likely suspect?

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