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mythtv V31 & zfs file system

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:27 am
by tobiz
After upgrading my operational mythtv V30 on ubuntu 18.04 to V31 on 20.04 I finally got rid of mariadb and installed mysql-8.0 and have that running as I want, (I don't want an upgrade process to decide unilaterally to install 'equivalent' s/w - if it does it should ask if that's what I want. I've also got Mysql Workbench installed and running).
The next issue is a question. The system I upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 had a zfs system with a mirrored file system at /mythtv-pool/mythtv. Resolving the issue with mariadb/mysql resulted in mythtv V31 using the same zfs file system but the 'old' mythtv V30 recording files becoming 'detached' from the new mythtv V31 mysql database (the new mythtv V31 database does not contain any of the old recordings data, I don't want to retain the old recordings). The question is: can I, #cd /mythtv-pool/mythtv; rm -r *; to delete all the 'old' 'detached' recording data files?
Also does the mythtv database schema reside in a single file? If so where's that file located in the source tree?