When is disk usage updated on View Recordings menu?

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When is disk usage updated on View Recordings menu?

Post by vorear » Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:17 am

Also, when we delete a TV recording why doesn't the file get deleted from storage?
Does the displayed disk usage get updated nightly? If that doesn't happen what logs can I check?

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Re: When is disk usage updated on View Recordings menu?

Post by bill6502 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:54 am

The recording may not be deleted, rather it's moved to the
Auto Expire list. Then when the backend needs space the
recording (metadata and associated files) will get deleted.
That's the way I run. You can change that in recording
rules. Or if you want all newly created rules to turn tha
feature off, do it in all recording templates used. There
are six parameters in mythtv-setup that control how
Auto Expire runs. The AutoExpireExtraSpace one is
probably the only one you need to adjust.

When recordings <are> deleted, it does so based on the
backend setup "Delete files slowly" option. That's available
to avoid overloading the host with multiple simultaneous

Disk usage probably gets updated dynamically, not nightly.
Haven't checked myself lately.

As to logs, it's the backend log. If you're seriously interested
in detail, the -v file:debug will generate lots of logs. Beware,
if you're recording with that option on, the output is likely much
more than you want.

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Re: When is disk usage updated on View Recordings menu?

Post by paulh » Thu Aug 06, 2020 11:12 am

Also one way to see the list of deleted recordings is to go to the 'System Status' page and move to the 'AutoExpire List' tab in the frontend. If you select a deleted recording you can choose 'Delete Now' which will actually delete the recording. If you have the '"Delete files slowly" option turned on and go back to the recordings page you can see the disk usage slowly change as the file is slowly deleted, it can take several minutes to delete a single recording sometimes :roll:

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