Mounting a file system for new install

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Mounting a file system for new install

Post by Lloyd » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:35 am

I'm trying to set up a new MythTV on a new hard drive, but I don't know Linux. I installed MythTV on Ubuntu. The instructions say that I should mount a file system in the /var/lib/mythtv directory, but exactly how do I do that?

People tell me that Linux doesn't work like that any longer. I'm told that Linux now only has one file system for each drive.


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Re: Mounting a file system for new install

Post by wesnewell » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:28 am

You can have as many file systems as you want on a drive if you partition it into multiple partitions, but you don't create file systems in a directory. You don't even need a /var/lib/mythtv directory, but it has been the default for years for mythtv to use to store recordings and all other mythtv stuff. Personally, I use a completely different drive and location for mine, Most? linux distros , like ubuntu defaults to a single partition, but You can have as many as you want and mount things however you want.When I first started with Linux in 2002, I created separate partitions for every mount point, /, /boot, /home, /var, etc. That's hardly need now with such large drives available. These are the default directories for mythtv, and I don't use most of them, as I use another drive to store stuff there.
wes@mythfe0:~$ ls /var/lib/mythtv
banners coverart fanart recordings streaming videos
bare-client db_backups livetv screenshots trailers
And here's what I use.
wes@mythfe0:~$ ls /sdb/
default lost+found music pictures recordings videos wes
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