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Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:51 am
by jhoyt
pvr4me wrote: Py2app doesn't look like they've released 0.24. Also, from a quick look at the port file, it doesn't not like there is any special handling for these templates. Possibly upstream needs to fix something.
You're right - I just looked at the Portfile and it's quite simple with little special handling.

I've opened a macports trac ticket - hopefully the port maintainer can shed some insights:

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 6:08 am
by ILMostro
It's been a fun adventure into the world of apple (on arm!). Unfortunately, I won't be able to assist going forward with this work, as I finally returned the macbook pro M1 today. I hope at least something useful comes from it :) Thank you all for the dedication and the eagerness to help. I'll stay active with mythtv on linux and possibly android in the meantime.

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:10 pm
by jhoyt
@ILMostro - a big thank you for getting us this far. It's been a huge help. to try to talk the wife into why I need a new M1 based computer :)

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:44 pm
by jhoyt
So I got my hands on an M1 mac mini (the wife was in a good mood). I've managed to get through the py2app issue by using the "--arch=universal" flag (not the "-b" flag like I originally thought).

Everything compiles and the application packages up without error - but I now get segfaults when trying to launch the application.

This could be a code signing issue as apparently M1 chips require all code to be signed. I turned off SIP/code checking and this did not improve things.

This could be a qtwebkit issue - doubtful, but I'm now trying to get that compiling on M1 again.

This could be something else - open to thoughts on how to debug.

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:33 am
by jhoyt
Well, I managed to get qtwebkit to successfully compile, so back to trying to figure out the mythfrontend issues.

Here's the backtrace - I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

Code: Select all

% lldb mythfrontend.real       
(lldb) target create "mythfrontend.real"
Current executable set to '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/' (arm64).
(lldb) target stop-hook add
Enter your stop hook command(s).  Type 'DONE' to end.
> bt 
> disassemble --pc 
Stop hook #1 added.
(lldb) process launch -- -v all
Process 689 launched: '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/' (arm64)
2021-02-27 19:29:43.346973 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Interrupt: 2 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.346992 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Terminated: 15 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.346998 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Segmentation fault: 11 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347005 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Abort trap: 6 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347011 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Bus error: 10 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347017 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Floating point exception: 8 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347023 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Illegal instruction: 4 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347031 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup User defined signal 1: 30 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347037 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup User defined signal 2: 31 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347043 I [689/771] thread_unknown signalhandling.cpp:191:SetHandlerPrivate  Setup Hangup: 1 handler
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347101 C [689/771] thread_unknown mythcommandlineparser.cpp:2611:ConfigureLogging  mythfrontend version: fixes/31 [v31.0-139-gb6ddf202a4]
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347108 C [689/771] thread_unknown mythcommandlineparser.cpp:2613:ConfigureLogging  Qt version: compile: 5.15.2, runtime: 5.15.2
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347125 I [689/771] thread_unknown mythcommandlineparser.cpp:2615:ConfigureLogging  macOS 11.2 (arm64)
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347130 N [689/771] thread_unknown mythcommandlineparser.cpp:2617:ConfigureLogging  Enabled verbose msgs: all
2021-02-27 19:29:43.347144 N [689/771] thread_unknown logging.cpp:725:logStart  Setting Log Level to LOG_INFO
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358344 I [689/24067] Logger logging.cpp:280:run  Added logging to the console
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358424 N [689/771] thread_unknown mythdirs.cpp:203:InitializeMythDirs  Using runtime prefix = /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358433 N [689/771] thread_unknown mythdirs.cpp:205:InitializeMythDirs  Using configuration directory = /Users/jhoyt/.mythtv
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358460 I [689/771] CoreContext mythcorecontext.cpp:285:Init  Assumed character encoding: en_US.UTF-8
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358739 I [689/771] CoreContext mythtranslation.cpp:64:load  Loading en_us translation for module mythfrontend
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358828 E [689/771] CoreContext mythdbparams.cpp:43:IsValid  DBHostName is not set in config.xml
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358845 E [689/771] CoreContext mythdbparams.cpp:43:IsValid  DBHostName is not set in config.xml
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358858 I [689/771] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:629:LoadDatabaseSettings  Empty LocalHostName. This is typical.
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358865 I [689/771] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:638:LoadDatabaseSettings  Using a profile name of: '' (Usually the same as this host's name.)
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358874 I [689/771] CoreContext mythdb.cpp:875:ClearSettingsCache  Clearing Settings Cache.
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358894 I [689/771] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:1247:DefaultUPnP  DefaultUPnP() - No default UPnP backend
2021-02-27 19:29:43.358912 I [689/771] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:887:TestDBconnection  Start up testing connections. DB localhost, BE , attempt 0, status dbAwake, Delay: 2000
* thread #1, queue = '', stop reason = signal SIGABRT
  * frame #0: 0x0000000198740cec libsystem_kernel.dylib`__pthread_kill + 8
    frame #1: 0x0000000198771c24 libsystem_pthread.dylib`pthread_kill + 292
    frame #2: 0x00000001986b98e4 libsystem_c.dylib`__abort + 116
    frame #3: 0x00000001986993b4 libsystem_c.dylib`__stack_chk_fail + 96
    frame #4: 0x0000000103bfa29c mythui`LIRC::Init(this=0x0000000124456de0) at lirc.cpp:0
    frame #5: 0x0000000103a8f000 mythui`MythMainWindow::StartLIRC(this=0x0000000124456740) at mythmainwindow.cpp:2787:26
    frame #6: 0x0000000103a8e684 mythui`MythMainWindow::MythMainWindow(this=0x0000000124456740, useDB=false) at mythmainwindow.cpp:450:5
    frame #7: 0x0000000103a8d280 mythui`MythMainWindow::MythMainWindow(this=0x0000000124456740, useDB=false) at mythmainwindow.cpp:420:1
    frame #8: 0x0000000103a8d188 mythui`MythMainWindow::getMainWindow(useDB=false) at mythmainwindow.cpp:288:23
    frame #9: 0x0000000103f38028 myth`MythContextPrivate::TempMainWindow(this=0x00000001174202b0, languagePrompt=false) at mythcontext.cpp:291:34
    frame #10: 0x0000000103f40b10 myth`MythContextPrivate::ShowGuiStartup(this=0x00000001174202b0) at mythcontext.cpp:1068:5
    frame #11: 0x0000000103f3dbb8 myth`MythContextPrivate::TestDBconnection(this=0x00000001174202b0, prompt=false) at mythcontext.cpp:1014:13
    frame #12: 0x0000000103f38dec myth`MythContextPrivate::FindDatabase(this=0x00000001174202b0, prompt=false, noAutodetect=false) at mythcontext.cpp:441:19
    frame #13: 0x0000000103f3857c myth`MythContextPrivate::Init(this=0x00000001174202b0, gui=true, promptForBackend=false, noPrompt=false, ignoreDB=false) at mythcontext.cpp:357:23
    frame #14: 0x0000000103f4397c myth`MythContext::Init(this=0x0000000117420030, gui=true, promptForBackend=false, disableAutoDiscovery=false, ignoreDB=false) at mythcontext.cpp:1635:13
    frame #15: 0x0000000100011088 mythfrontend.real`main + 2896
    frame #16: 0x000000019878df34 libdyld.dylib`start + 4

->  0x198740cec <+8>:  b.lo   0x198740d0c               ; <+40>
    0x198740cf0 <+12>: pacibsp 
    0x198740cf4 <+16>: stp    x29, x30, [sp, #-0x10]!
    0x198740cf8 <+20>: mov    x29, sp

Process 689 stopped
* thread #1, queue = '', stop reason = signal SIGABRT
    frame #0: 0x0000000198740cec libsystem_kernel.dylib`__pthread_kill + 8
->  0x198740cec <+8>:  b.lo   0x198740d0c               ; <+40>
    0x198740cf0 <+12>: pacibsp 
    0x198740cf4 <+16>: stp    x29, x30, [sp, #-0x10]!
    0x198740cf8 <+20>: mov    x29, sp
Target 0: (mythfrontend.real) stopped.

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:37 am
by jhoyt
Here's the macOS crash report when running with the --noupnp flag:

Code: Select all

Process:               mythfrontend.real [729]
Path:                  /Users/USER/*/
Identifier:            org.osx-bundler.mythfrontend
Version:               31 (1.0)
Code Type:             ARM-64 (Native)
Parent Process:        zsh [68670]
Responsible:           Terminal [68601]
User ID:               501

Date/Time:             2021-02-27 19:35:25.876 -0500
OS Version:            macOS 11.2.2 (20D80)
Report Version:        12
Anonymous UUID:        889729D1-54B6-B3C7-4D07-CD3581F90A71

Sleep/Wake UUID:       32584A87-D263-4E78-8D3A-501DEBB20A35

Time Awake Since Boot: 10000 seconds
Time Since Wake:       2300 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread:        0  Dispatch queue:

Exception Type:        EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

Application Specific Information:
stack buffer overflow

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x0000000198740cec __pthread_kill + 8
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x0000000198771c24 pthread_kill + 292
2   libsystem_c.dylib             	0x00000001986b98e4 __abort + 116
3   libsystem_c.dylib             	0x00000001986993b4 __stack_chk_fail + 96
4   mythui                        	0x0000000104b1e29c LIRC::Init() + 10952
5   mythui                        	0x00000001049b3000 MythMainWindow::StartLIRC() + 616 (mythmainwindow.cpp:2787)
6   mythui                        	0x00000001049b2684 MythMainWindow::MythMainWindow(bool) + 424 (mythmainwindow.cpp:450)
7   mythui                        	0x00000001049b1280 MythMainWindow::MythMainWindow(bool) + 52 (mythmainwindow.cpp:420)
8   mythui                        	0x00000001049b1188 MythMainWindow::getMainWindow(bool) + 116 (mythmainwindow.cpp:288)
9   myth                          	0x0000000104e5c028 MythContextPrivate::TempMainWindow(bool) + 192 (mythcontext.cpp:291)
10  myth                          	0x0000000104e64b10 MythContextPrivate::ShowGuiStartup() + 52 (mythcontext.cpp:1068)
11  myth                          	0x0000000104e61bb8 MythContextPrivate::TestDBconnection(bool) + 5256 (mythcontext.cpp:1014)
12  myth                          	0x0000000104e5cdec MythContextPrivate::FindDatabase(bool, bool) + 716 (mythcontext.cpp:441)
13  myth                          	0x0000000104e5c57c MythContextPrivate::Init(bool, bool, bool, bool) + 364 (mythcontext.cpp:357)
14  myth                          	0x0000000104e6797c MythContext::Init(bool, bool, bool, bool) + 2608 (mythcontext.cpp:1635)
15  mythfrontend.real             	0x0000000100e3d088 main + 2896
16  libdyld.dylib                 	0x000000019878df34 start + 4

Thread 1:
0   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cd8c start_wqthread + 0

Thread 2:
0   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cd8c start_wqthread + 0

Thread 3:
0   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cd8c start_wqthread + 0

Thread 4::
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x00000001987430e8 __select + 8
1      	0x0000000198896278 __CFSocketManager + 636
2   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
3   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 5:: LogForward
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x000000019873c488 __psynch_cvwait + 8
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x0000000198772568 _pthread_cond_wait + 1192
2   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc29f0 0x107fa0000 + 141808
3   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc27f8 0x107fa0000 + 141304
4   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc275c QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, QDeadlineTimer) + 100
5   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc26dc QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, unsigned long) + 52
6   mythbase                      	0x00000001046d7e84 LogForwardThread::run() + 320 (loggingserver.cpp:718)
7   mythbase                      	0x00000001045e24d4 MThreadInternal::run() + 40 (mthread.cpp:79)
8   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbcc48 0x107fa0000 + 117832
9   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
10  libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 6:: Logger
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x000000019873c488 __psynch_cvwait + 8
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x0000000198772568 _pthread_cond_wait + 1192
2   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc29f0 0x107fa0000 + 141808
3   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc27f8 0x107fa0000 + 141304
4   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc275c QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, QDeadlineTimer) + 100
5   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc26dc QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, unsigned long) + 52
6   mythbase                      	0x00000001046c9b38 LoggerThread::run() + 672 (logging.cpp:296)
7   mythbase                      	0x00000001045e24d4 MThreadInternal::run() + 40 (mthread.cpp:79)
8   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbcc48 0x107fa0000 + 117832
9   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
10  libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 7:: Thread (pooled)
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x000000019873c488 __psynch_cvwait + 8
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x0000000198772568 _pthread_cond_wait + 1192
2   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc29f0 0x107fa0000 + 141808
3   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc27f8 0x107fa0000 + 141304
4   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fc275c QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, QDeadlineTimer) + 100
5   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbf6fc 0x107fa0000 + 128764
6   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbcc48 0x107fa0000 + 117832
7   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
8   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 8::
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x0000000198738ce8 mach_msg_trap + 8
1   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x0000000198739098 mach_msg + 76
2      	0x000000019886ce98 __CFRunLoopServiceMachPort + 380
3      	0x000000019886b36c __CFRunLoopRun + 1216
4      	0x000000019886a740 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 600
5              	0x000000019b1c4864 _NSEventThread + 216
6   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
7   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 9:: QDBusConnectionManager
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x0000000198740e04 poll + 8
1   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000108101534 qt_safe_poll(pollfd*, unsigned int, timespec const*) + 172
2   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000108102290 QEventDispatcherUNIX::processEvents(QFlags<QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlag>) + 328
3   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x00000001080c53cc QEventLoop::exec(QFlags<QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlag>) + 328
4   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbbecc QThread::exec() + 88
5   org.qt-project.QtDBus         	0x0000000107f4278c 0x107f3c000 + 26508
6   org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000107fbcc48 0x107fa0000 + 117832
7   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019877206c _pthread_start + 320
8   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x000000019876cda0 thread_start + 8

Thread 0 crashed with ARM Thread State (64-bit):
    x0: 0x0000000000000000   x1: 0x0000000000000000   x2: 0x0000000000000000   x3: 0x0000000000000000
    x4: 0x0000000000000000   x5: 0x0000000000000000   x6: 0x00676f6c7379732f   x7: 0x0000000000000000
    x8: 0x00000000000005b9   x9: 0x6b615e4de870b2c9  x10: 0xcccccccccccccccd  x11: 0x000000000000000a
   x12: 0x0000000000000000  x13: 0x0000000000000038  x14: 0x0000000000000881  x15: 0x000000008000001f
   x16: 0x0000000000000148  x17: 0x00000001fe3b7330  x18: 0x0000000118966efc  x19: 0x0000000000000006
   x20: 0x000000010158fd40  x21: 0x0000000000000303  x22: 0x000000010158fe20  x23: 0x0000000000000000
   x24: 0x0000000000000000  x25: 0x0000000000000000  x26: 0x0000000000000000  x27: 0x0000000000000000
   x28: 0x000000016efd3818   fp: 0x000000016efd1460   lr: 0x0000000198771c24
    sp: 0x000000016efd1440   pc: 0x0000000198740cec cpsr: 0x40000000
   far: 0x00000001186fc000  esr: 0x56000080

Binary Images:
       0x100e2c000 -        0x1011abfff +mythfrontend.real (0) <A1B51CDE-618B-3661-B890-CD421405E30E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x101314000 -        0x10131bfff +libmythpostproc.55.dylib (0) <4AB0FDED-93D9-37F5-A53E-19FE22D0D057> /Users/USER/*/
       0x101330000 -        0x1013b3fff +libmythswscale.5.dylib (0) <252A33F1-BCBE-3D35-A002-65E8B4B5DC28> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1013c8000 -        0x1013dbfff +libmythswresample.3.dylib (0) <BF0677AB-4B24-3AD2-A368-3B3A8247B945> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1013e8000 -        0x10141ffff +mythprotoserver (0) <B2F3159C-585C-36EB-B6D2-A6A144C5DB15> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10146c000 -        0x10148ffff +libass.9.dylib (0) <100FA99F-5851-33E2-9D16-02AB5B06ADF8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1014a0000 -        0x1014b3fff +libz.1.2.11.dylib (0) <8154A88A-8B78-3A78-85E7-F80801A63901> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1014c0000 -        0x1014c7fff +libuuid.16.dylib (0) <C1340EFC-103B-352E-9F58-7997059A92FA> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1014d8000 -        0x101553fff  dyld (832.7.3) <4AB185B3-DC20-3C03-A193-67C0E6C589D7> /usr/lib/dyld
       0x1015dc000 -        0x1017a7fff +libmythavformat.58.dylib (0) <33E15510-8F30-3088-A24F-DDD410E5531C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1017f8000 -        0x101847fff +libmythavutil.56.dylib (0) <7B215AF9-C4F2-39AB-939D-9726567B9154> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1018f0000 -        0x1023c7fff +libmythavcodec.58.dylib (0) <BB3169B7-1318-3786-B084-DC0C02C55D59> /Users/USER/*/
       0x102c94000 -        0x102e8ffff +libmythavfilter.7.dylib (0) <351694BB-DF7A-3F53-8408-FE6EBFBF0F4E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x102f1c000 -        0x1038d7fff +mythtv (0) <18E80165-EF42-395F-8CFA-5B86420B5989> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1043a4000 -        0x1044a7fff +mythupnp (0) <600A8E5C-08C1-3CE4-98F0-1D419D4D50F4> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1045d4000 -        0x1047b3fff +mythbase (0) <53B7A0FA-D378-385B-B670-BD9EB8468EEA> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1049a4000 -        0x104b93fff +mythui (0) <CBD8A112-DD11-31A2-B1FC-4B38809C4902> /Users/USER/*/
       0x104e10000 -        0x104f7bfff +myth (0) <87123F65-B76A-388A-B1B9-51B451C8DE9E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105114000 -        0x10527bfff +mythmetadata (0) <4269FC74-5F44-3C0A-9C07-CC45B9C0AFBE> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1054a8000 -        0x105517fff +mythservicecontracts (0) <E95DD8A5-8A1E-3F99-A226-9C89B99CA0FD> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1055e8000 -        0x105643fff +mythfreemheg (0) <BE508EE7-A81C-36D3-B0FB-766E35B6235F> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1056c4000 -        0x105737fff +libtag.1.dylib (0) <2FFF11E5-0083-3DEC-BD33-F21EE353E46A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105784000 -        0x1058f7fff +libcrypto.1.1.dylib (0) <C4F67580-2D52-3F3A-898E-77B0C9375A03> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10597c000 -        0x105a5ffff +libxml2.2.dylib (0) <E6882532-9790-3D9C-B523-BA6120748AF6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105a8c000 -        0x105bfffff +libx264.157.dylib (0) <D32CC2B8-3A0C-3D51-99FF-598F54A10D8D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105d14000 -        0x105d4bfff +libmp3lame.0.dylib (0) <6AE0FD53-FB50-3452-BEF4-7BF44483C3E9> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105d88000 -        0x105dbbfff +libfontconfig.1.dylib (0) <47D833B3-371A-394E-AB5E-BC933943BE8D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105dd0000 -        0x105e4ffff +libfreetype.6.dylib (0) <18AE91B8-53D8-35AD-A1A2-A4052FE87CB4> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105e64000 -        0x105ea7fff +libbluray.2.dylib (0) <5DA091B3-1B1D-3C7F-8377-ED2BBD796EFD> /Users/USER/*/
       0x105eb4000 -        0x10601ffff +libsamplerate.0.dylib (0) <79DE4A24-6786-3256-98E8-87527BF395A8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10602c000 -        0x10604ffff +org.qt-project.QtWebKitWidgets (5.9 - 5.9.2) <10FF6266-EF87-3E7C-929A-0722F7C15A3A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x106078000 -        0x10634ffff +org.qt-project.QtWidgets (5.15 - 5.15.2) <578914C7-E537-36E3-A209-EB2F5ECF44B8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1064c4000 -        0x107627fff +org.qt-project.QtWebKit (5.9 - 5.9.2) <0595313B-60F0-3BC6-BC58-24CFB320DE95> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1078e4000 -        0x107b5bfff +org.qt-project.QtGui (5.15 - 5.15.2) <A7E5F4A5-58C2-3149-BAF8-A60CFF782351> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107c7c000 -        0x107d2ffff +org.qt-project.QtNetwork (5.15 - 5.15.2) <C5330FB3-6B30-3264-8FCD-0833E1464FA8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107d84000 -        0x107d9ffff +org.qt-project.QtXml (5.15 - 5.15.2) <54E1A2B0-FDC6-3B7D-92E5-408925178CC2> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107db8000 -        0x107dd3fff +org.qt-project.QtSql (5.15 - 5.15.2) <A2C1ACD1-CC0D-3CEB-A52E-E4F4367C37B1> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107dec000 -        0x107ee7fff +org.qt-project.QtScript (5.15 - 5.15.2) <5970E291-A1DD-3BFB-8F14-2028305B1891> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107f3c000 -        0x107f7ffff +org.qt-project.QtDBus (5.15 - 5.15.2) <E9DCBB68-BAFB-3F15-9D2B-597983007718> /Users/USER/*/
       0x107fa0000 -        0x10829bfff +org.qt-project.QtCore (5.15 - 5.15.2) <6C473724-2F19-3A3B-AB26-C7C661393529> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108370000 -        0x10837ffff +libbz2.1.0.8.dylib (0) <9FE1D505-9ACD-3BE0-958B-F9820432CA84> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10838c000 -        0x1084bbfff +libgnutls.30.dylib (0) <8899A36F-C329-3C43-A53E-1B52295E578E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108500000 -        0x10866bfff +libvpx.6.dylib (0) <D289B21E-31E0-34F5-9909-14D7A39E2127> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10867c000 -        0x108773fff +libiconv.2.dylib (0) <C94A9986-374A-3D3C-9874-323AF7626743> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108780000 -        0x10879bfff +liblzma.5.dylib (0) <1B5A7DA3-827C-30FC-8FBD-1A81F86629A3> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1087a8000 -        0x10885bfff +libx265.192.dylib (0) <AC9646DD-8296-3E35-BF77-63CDE008F810> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108880000 -        0x1089fbfff +libicui18n.67.1.dylib (0) <B404C0CB-2041-37D1-80AA-78BA30AFF3A0> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108abc000 -        0x108bd7fff +libicuuc.67.1.dylib (0) <1A5FCA10-4787-3C7A-8703-BD253F5EDC21> /Users/USER/*/
       0x108c34000 -        0x10a74bfff +libicudata.67.1.dylib (0) <53F773C0-26C6-35CD-8FE5-E9AFAB9264E6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a784000 -        0x10a79ffff +libexpat.1.6.12.dylib (0) <29B945C5-AD1F-3D57-9C18-E87024E2F851> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a7ac000 -        0x10a7b7fff +libintl.8.dylib (0) <C843C669-2FE5-34AE-A6F9-BE252B29A752> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a7c4000 -        0x10a7e7fff +libpng16.16.dylib (0) <A6340A4A-B8FE-372F-9C2C-C4053312EF20> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a7f8000 -        0x10a803fff +libbrotlidec.1.dylib (0) <428E5EED-22C5-3D8C-B061-FE5E9E73A609> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a810000 -        0x10a82ffff +libbrotlicommon.1.dylib (0) <6BD645D7-0408-3AAD-83A5-BC8F89E2CD3A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a83c000 -        0x10a8fbfff +libp11-kit.0.dylib (0) <D4A742E4-4E4A-3AC7-B1D4-B2EA472A9EB6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a91c000 -        0x10a93bfff +libidn2.0.dylib (0) <022FEAEB-330E-3362-9F1D-2821839475A2> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10a948000 -        0x10aaa7fff +libunistring.2.dylib (0) <75D45240-7195-37BC-8BA1-A360F246922A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10aac0000 -        0x10aacbfff +libtasn1.6.dylib (0) <A1A2FA3A-595B-3923-864A-5CEF6AA4B962> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10aad8000 -        0x10ab07fff +libnettle.8.dylib (0) <66FE0CCA-BF0B-3F28-B147-ED8E27091C8C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ab1c000 -        0x10ab53fff +libhogweed.6.dylib (0) <3BC8BDED-7ED2-374A-AB96-274AC7D58157> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ab64000 -        0x10abcbfff +libgmp.10.dylib (0) <CA84C273-05D3-3CED-8ADA-245A4EA85476> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10abe0000 -        0x10abf3fff +libffi.7.dylib (0) <3764C42D-E684-3482-A02B-FA7391D6E83B> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ac00000 -        0x10ac1bfff +libfribidi.0.dylib (0) <F83E885C-90F7-3C0C-9160-62BB258DEB9F> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ac28000 -        0x10acc7fff +libharfbuzz.0.dylib (0) <B0F26E64-E2E1-33BD-B250-02FF27720DB2> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10acdc000 -        0x10adb3fff +libglib-2.0.0.dylib (0) <C74AB4E0-66F1-3CA9-85EC-6940DC260F7E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10addc000 -        0x10adf3fff +libgraphite2.3.dylib (0) <C4DE52A5-7009-3B1C-B280-2C6B3A8A9F89> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ae00000 -        0x10ae37fff +libpcre.1.dylib (0) <3410B334-38E6-34ED-95D7-9A057C685D47> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ae44000 -        0x10ae57fff +mythswresample (0) <BF0677AB-4B24-3AD2-A368-3B3A8247B945> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ae68000 -        0x10aeebfff +mythswscale (0) <252A33F1-BCBE-3D35-A002-65E8B4B5DC28> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10af30000 -        0x10b0fbfff +mythavformat (0) <33E15510-8F30-3088-A24F-DDD410E5531C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10b1c0000 -        0x10bc97fff +mythavcodec (0) <BB3169B7-1318-3786-B084-DC0C02C55D59> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10c704000 -        0x10c753fff +mythavutil (0) <7B215AF9-C4F2-39AB-939D-9726567B9154> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10c810000 -        0x10c817fff +mythpostproc (0) <4AB0FDED-93D9-37F5-A53E-19FE22D0D057> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10c824000 -        0x10ca1ffff +mythavfilter (0) <351694BB-DF7A-3F53-8408-FE6EBFBF0F4E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10cb34000 -        0x10cb4bfff +lzo2 (0) <AF6BCAAF-89AA-361A-917D-5A99E434BC1C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10cb58000 -        0x10cccbfff +crypto (0) <C4F67580-2D52-3F3A-898E-77B0C9375A03> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10cd64000 -        0x10cd87fff +ass (0) <100FA99F-5851-33E2-9D16-02AB5B06ADF8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10cd98000 -        0x10ce7bfff +xml2 (0) <E6882532-9790-3D9C-B523-BA6120748AF6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10ceb4000 -        0x10d027fff +x264 (0) <D32CC2B8-3A0C-3D51-99FF-598F54A10D8D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d144000 -        0x10d17bfff +mp3lame (0) <6AE0FD53-FB50-3452-BEF4-7BF44483C3E9> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d1bc000 -        0x10d1effff +fontconfig (0) <47D833B3-371A-394E-AB5E-BC933943BE8D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d204000 -        0x10d283fff +freetype (0) <18AE91B8-53D8-35AD-A1A2-A4052FE87CB4> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d2a4000 -        0x10d2b7fff +z (0) <8154A88A-8B78-3A78-85E7-F80801A63901> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d2c4000 -        0x10d307fff +bluray (0) <5DA091B3-1B1D-3C7F-8377-ED2BBD796EFD> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d318000 -        0x10d483fff +samplerate (0) <79DE4A24-6786-3256-98E8-87527BF395A8> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d490000 -        0x10d587fff +iconv (0) <C94A9986-374A-3D3C-9874-323AF7626743> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d5a0000 -        0x10d5bbfff +fribidi (0) <F83E885C-90F7-3C0C-9160-62BB258DEB9F> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d5c8000 -        0x10d667fff +harfbuzz (0) <B0F26E64-E2E1-33BD-B250-02FF27720DB2> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d6b8000 -        0x10d6d3fff +expat (0) <29B945C5-AD1F-3D57-9C18-E87024E2F851> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d6e4000 -        0x10d6ebfff +uuid (0) <C1340EFC-103B-352E-9F58-7997059A92FA> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d6f8000 -        0x10d703fff +intl (0) <C843C669-2FE5-34AE-A6F9-BE252B29A752> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d710000 -        0x10d71ffff +bz2 (0) <9FE1D505-9ACD-3BE0-958B-F9820432CA84> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d72c000 -        0x10d74ffff +png16 (0) <A6340A4A-B8FE-372F-9C2C-C4053312EF20> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d760000 -        0x10d76bfff +brotlidec (0) <428E5EED-22C5-3D8C-B061-FE5E9E73A609> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d778000 -        0x10d797fff +brotlicommon (0) <6BD645D7-0408-3AAD-83A5-BC8F89E2CD3A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d7a4000 -        0x10d87bfff +glib (0) <C74AB4E0-66F1-3CA9-85EC-6940DC260F7E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d8ac000 -        0x10d8c3fff +graphite2 (0) <C4DE52A5-7009-3B1C-B280-2C6B3A8A9F89> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d8d4000 -        0x10d90bfff +pcre (0) <3410B334-38E6-34ED-95D7-9A057C685D47> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10d918000 -        0x10da93fff +icui18n (0) <B404C0CB-2041-37D1-80AA-78BA30AFF3A0> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10dba4000 -        0x10dcbffff +icuuc (0) <1A5FCA10-4787-3C7A-8703-BD253F5EDC21> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10dd3c000 -        0x10f853fff +icudata (0) <53F773C0-26C6-35CD-8FE5-E9AFAB9264E6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10f88c000 -        0x10f8a7fff +lzma (0) <1B5A7DA3-827C-30FC-8FBD-1A81F86629A3> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10f8b8000 -        0x10f8c3fff +libdouble-conversion.3.0.0.dylib (0) <2E378BF8-DF2E-38F4-8072-0E75599C3D29> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10f8d0000 -        0x10f913fff +libpcre2-16.0.dylib (0) <D72BCAFE-EB40-37FB-8087-FBC4EFD61E57> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10f920000 -        0x10f9dbfff +libzstd.1.4.8.dylib (0) <2A391722-5D54-35EC-A07D-529B88BFD7B7> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10f9f0000 -        0x10f9f3fff +libgthread-2.0.0.dylib (0) <020817DE-662A-3CA1-B24F-FDBA955D5FC7> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fa00000 -        0x10fa2ffff +libdbus-1.3.dylib (0) <15ED0503-C606-339F-9977-94E12B0DD3E0> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fa44000 -        0x10fa8ffff +libssl.1.1.dylib (0) <8C0D119E-C5E4-3415-A8BE-F0C3DCCF4A2B> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fabc000 -        0x10fad3fff +org.qt-project.QtSensors (5.15 - 5.15.2) <CF27AE84-D6CE-3210-AEEE-99AEC37FFD33> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10faf4000 -        0x10fb3bfff +org.qt-project.QtPositioning (5.15 - 5.15.2) <8996E389-DE04-3207-816F-3C0BD93DDF25> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fb5c000 -        0x10fb6bfff +org.qt-project.QtMultimediaWidgets (5.15 - 5.15.2) <04EDA969-3D38-3508-BE9F-FE2DD9E01271> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fb80000 -        0x10fbe3fff +org.qt-project.QtMultimedia (5.15 - 5.15.2) <D25E02D4-2F9A-3B11-ACB0-142AF1633A3D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fc3c000 -        0x10fc5ffff +org.qt-project.QtPrintSupport (5.15 - 5.15.2) <7F86063C-5BEF-310D-A546-38FA53256CFC> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fc88000 -        0x10fcb3fff +org.qt-project.QtOpenGL (5.15 - 5.15.2) <C543863D-1ECA-3B69-9B7D-C3D8449D1203> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fcdc000 -        0x10fd07fff +libxslt.1.dylib (0) <46A9B4D7-D996-3058-B34C-143234CB40C4> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fd18000 -        0x10fdeffff +libsqlite3.0.dylib (0) <E96A18E6-CFB0-3553-890F-D1E97A368F08> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fe00000 -        0x10fe2bfff +libleveldb.1.dylib (0) <D1850E06-BF9F-3C5A-93CA-23BA2CF6DA74> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fe44000 -        0x10fe7bfff +libjpeg.8.dylib (0) <0C3FEE0F-85EF-366A-BF2A-70964F1B121D> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fe88000 -        0x10fec7fff +libwebp.7.dylib (0) <529FDC50-57C7-32DB-B0BF-E87BF2F05EF4> /Users/USER/*/
       0x10fed4000 -        0x11017ffff +org.qt-project.QtQuick (5.15 - 5.15.2) <DC68EDD1-B02C-365D-A4B3-3514345898B0> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1102bc000 -        0x110307fff +org.qt-project.QtQmlModels (5.15 - 5.15.2) <D07E896F-04E7-30FE-A5EE-313FF537C8D1> /Users/USER/*/
       0x11032c000 -        0x110343fff +org.qt-project.QtWebChannel (5.15 - 5.15.2) <F4F98BCE-CB33-3874-8B88-8CE75ED4494E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110358000 -        0x110603fff +org.qt-project.QtQml (5.15 - 5.15.2) <5FB24F6A-21DD-3903-9FBC-595873F690BB> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1106e8000 -        0x110853fff +vpx (0) <D289B21E-31E0-34F5-9909-14D7A39E2127> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110878000 -        0x11092bfff +x265 (0) <AC9646DD-8296-3E35-BF77-63CDE008F810> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110964000 -        0x110a93fff +gnutls (0) <8899A36F-C329-3C43-A53E-1B52295E578E> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110ae0000 -        0x110b9ffff +p11-kit (0) <D4A742E4-4E4A-3AC7-B1D4-B2EA472A9EB6> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110c68000 -        0x110c87fff +idn2 (0) <022FEAEB-330E-3362-9F1D-2821839475A2> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110c94000 -        0x110df3fff +unistring (0) <75D45240-7195-37BC-8BA1-A360F246922A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110e10000 -        0x110e1bfff +tasn1 (0) <A1A2FA3A-595B-3923-864A-5CEF6AA4B962> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110e28000 -        0x110e57fff +nettle (0) <66FE0CCA-BF0B-3F28-B147-ED8E27091C8C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110e88000 -        0x110ebffff +hogweed (0) <3BC8BDED-7ED2-374A-AB96-274AC7D58157> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110ee4000 -        0x110f4bfff +gmp (0) <CA84C273-05D3-3CED-8ADA-245A4EA85476> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110f60000 -        0x110f73fff +ffi (0) <3764C42D-E684-3482-A02B-FA7391D6E83B> /Users/USER/*/
       0x110f80000 -        0x110ff3fff +tag (0) <2FFF11E5-0083-3DEC-BD33-F21EE353E46A> /Users/USER/*/
       0x111054000 -        0x1111ebfff +exiv2 (0) <81C6B6B7-E5BB-3AE7-AB75-1B1F78DB3F6C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x111428000 -        0x1114affff +libqcocoa.dylib (0) <9CFB485A-7B5A-3F20-A316-819E0D5AB1FD> /Users/USER/*/
       0x11172c000 -        0x111737fff  libobjc-trampolines.dylib (818.2) <45594839-80BA-3B76-8693-7DB44ED2AF09> /usr/lib/libobjc-trampolines.dylib
       0x11a550000 -        0x11a56ffff +libqmacstyle.dylib (0) <CEDECFB8-7496-3583-9A1E-B75C4EEFD7AC> /Users/USER/*/
       0x11c7a0000 -        0x11c7abfff +libqsqlmysql.dylib (0) <7573D201-B1FC-330B-B517-5F78123D10AC> /Users/USER/*/
       0x11dc0c000 -        0x11df63fff +libmysqlclient.21.dylib (0) <80443FD4-E547-346B-811D-D26E044D8B5C> /Users/USER/*/
       0x1984ce000 -        0x1984cffff  libsystem_blocks.dylib (78) <9B6D4883-03E9-3785-851E-EA79FA64ADC1> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_blocks.dylib
       0x1984d0000 -        0x198507fff  libxpc.dylib (2038.80.3) <BD0DFD42-0DC3-3F3D-9C04-5A2B3D93794D> /usr/lib/system/libxpc.dylib
       0x198508000 -        0x19851ffff  libsystem_trace.dylib (1277.80.2) <4A466196-D2DD-367B-80AB-988F281EC3B8> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_trace.dylib
       0x198520000 -        0x198594fff  libcorecrypto.dylib (1000.80.5) <9BD8FED7-2A36-3602-A5A7-0CA87C03FB84> /usr/lib/system/libcorecrypto.dylib
       0x198595000 -        0x1985c0fff  libsystem_malloc.dylib (317.40.8) <21120432-52C1-34E4-BF01-623722FA3A41> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_malloc.dylib
       0x1985c1000 -        0x198604fff  libdispatch.dylib (1271.40.12) <F5BFBD55-EF70-3659-854D-9061325EB26D> /usr/lib/system/libdispatch.dylib
       0x198605000 -        0x19863dfff  libobjc.A.dylib (818.2) <B03625B0-501E-3AC1-8E16-08B621120EAD> /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib
       0x19863e000 -        0x198640fff  libsystem_featureflags.dylib (28.60.1) <297CC4DD-AFA4-3BA3-B4E1-0DF47E49C21E> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_featureflags.dylib
       0x198641000 -        0x1986c1fff  libsystem_c.dylib (1439.40.11) <A7147E08-E7C0-3842-916E-F2270A689F47> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_c.dylib
       0x1986c2000 -        0x19871dfff  libc++.1.dylib (904.4) <B139607F-1E80-3A8E-870D-0AC022069EA1> /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
       0x19871e000 -        0x198737fff  libc++abi.dylib (904.4) <1DD3A1C9-D765-34FB-B8C1-87BF52CE49C0> /usr/lib/libc++abi.dylib
       0x198738000 -        0x19876afff  libsystem_kernel.dylib (7195.81.3) <55FCA547-4877-3075-8A08-FE1620BFC682> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
       0x19876b000 -        0x198776fff  libsystem_pthread.dylib (454.80.2) <8E907E6C-C227-312E-944C-767093692AFF> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_pthread.dylib
       0x198777000 -        0x1987b5fff  libdyld.dylib (832.7.3) <EF759BF3-97FA-30EA-A1CA-EDECFEA726FE> /usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib
       0x1987b6000 -        0x1987bcfff  libsystem_platform.dylib (254.80.2) <8633A39C-10A2-3B44-93F7-617AB09FF640> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_platform.dylib
       0x1987bd000 -        0x1987e8fff  libsystem_info.dylib (542.40.3) <4CC96CFC-7198-3F26-8C8C-20FB010CDF98> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_info.dylib
       0x1987e9000 -        0x198c92fff (6.9 - 1774.101) <EA76C90A-23ED-3791-8FBC-8292916F0B16> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation
       0x198c93000 -        0x198ec5fff (1122.11 - 1122.11) <B79A592B-8036-3E24-AD9D-3FB4E7BE2983> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices
       0x198ec6000 -        0x198f9efff (1.0 - 1) <ED9E3F77-4900-3B5B-978A-70AA6762DFBA> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MetalTools.framework/Versions/A/MetalTools
       0x198f9f000 -        0x1991f9fff  libBLAS.dylib (1336.40.1) <96EAD889-D898-3884-A36C-F433DC2C64DD> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/Versions/A/libBLAS.dylib
       0x1991fa000 -        0x199244fff (1.0 - 86.1) <81EA9F2C-6059-322A-B336-56CD7F3AB6C2> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Lexicon.framework/Versions/A/Lexicon
       0x199245000 -        0x1992a7fff  libSparse.dylib (106) <1A70E696-43E3-3D8B-A3E1-ADB624729BF4> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/Versions/A/libSparse.dylib
       0x1992a8000 -        0x19932ffff (1.20 - 1.20) <DD6AB615-BB7B-3634-9D33-3923E5038BAA> /System/Library/Frameworks/SystemConfiguration.framework/Versions/A/SystemConfiguration
       0x199330000 -        0x199363fff  libCRFSuite.dylib (50) <79C1501B-B0F6-341A-96CC-F4FE066E3D59> /usr/lib/libCRFSuite.dylib
       0x199364000 -        0x19958efff  libmecabra.dylib (929.1.1) <29B77781-FA91-3180-AFE8-608A355AE97E> /usr/lib/libmecabra.dylib
       0x19958f000 -        0x199920fff (6.9 - 1774.101) <8F7A0D5B-0E89-36F6-AC84-D3BEC2C44792> /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Versions/C/Foundation
       0x199921000 -        0x199a12fff (1.0 - 247.1) <66B05273-1979-3DB2-9F68-C0E3A6CD88B1> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/LanguageModeling.framework/Versions/A/LanguageModeling
       0x199a13000 -        0x199b35fff (231.3 - 231.3) <55F5D4EC-8342-30A3-91BA-C8EBB2902C62> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreDisplay.framework/Versions/A/CoreDisplay
       0x199b36000 -        0x199da3fff (1.0 - 1180.25) <2B096342-5488-35F5-A9FF-72A9D7357F56> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AudioToolboxCore.framework/Versions/A/AudioToolboxCore
       0x199da4000 -        0x199f75fff (677.3.0.4 - 677.3.0.4) <E2758F16-97F5-3FA7-85C2-60E23A90F471> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreText.framework/Versions/A/CoreText
       0x199f76000 -        0x19a59bfff (5.0 - 5.0) <2A4CD49F-AB5D-3155-9889-2A388B4505DE> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio
       0x19a59c000 -        0x19a8fafff (7.0 - 59754.80.3) <C76855AD-6EE4-3413-9E6E-CC450BDB20E2> /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/Security
       0x19a8fb000 -        0x19ab6cfff  libicucore.A.dylib (66109) <3CE58F97-7FC3-37D8-BB99-D6BECFC86DD2> /usr/lib/libicucore.A.dylib
       0x19ab6d000 -        0x19ab77fff  libsystem_darwin.dylib (1439.40.11) <B790A863-2D74-300E-9698-A25B5602B32F> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_darwin.dylib
       0x19ab78000 -        0x19ae67fff (1307 - 1307) <3EC22291-65E5-3EB6-9498-9A1244C90147> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Versions/A/CarbonCore
       0x19ae68000 -        0x19aea2fff (476 - 476) <021B41C2-A5E8-37C2-9A8D-899519F02AE6> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreServicesInternal.framework/Versions/A/CoreServicesInternal
       0x19aea3000 -        0x19aedefff (1122.11 - 1122.11) <52D8D7A1-4879-3488-9D39-5F2C7696EFA8> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreServicesStore.framework/Versions/A/CoreServicesStore
       0x19aedf000 -        0x19afa9fff (2.0.2 - 1845.81.1) <516911DA-18D7-3D17-8646-BBF7C75CD070> /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/IOKit
       0x19afaa000 -        0x19afb5fff  libsystem_notify.dylib (279.40.4) <A7B6BDA8-5371-352E-8A36-95D46C4B07F1> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_notify.dylib
       0x19afb6000 -        0x19b002fff  libsandbox.1.dylib (1441.60.4) <5A1C8805-37B5-3B78-808B-8DEF77CBBEEA> /usr/lib/libsandbox.1.dylib
       0x19b003000 -        0x19bd61fff (6.9 - 2022.30.122) <9E051E42-05AD-3DEB-B5FE-74FED40F54FD> /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit
       0x19bd62000 -        0x19bf90fff (1.0 - 727.3) <BA2FA281-9C94-3F6B-82E2-5125C0E4E9EF> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundation
       0x19bf91000 -        0x19bfa3fff (633.0.2 - 633.0.2) <162DF56F-4DE4-3519-974F-87DBBE41DE6D> /System/Library/Frameworks/UniformTypeIdentifiers.framework/Versions/A/UniformTypeIdentifiers
       0x19bfa4000 -        0x19c112fff (1.18 - 1346.3.1) <1FF1398F-F5C0-327C-8B87-CF818C47C75C> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DesktopServicesPriv.framework/Versions/A/DesktopServicesPriv
       0x19c3cc000 -        0x19cad6fff  libnetwork.dylib (2288.80.2) <07EC53A0-293C-3403-8394-755AE0BDDFA4> /usr/lib/libnetwork.dylib
       0x19cad7000 -        0x19cf64fff (1220.1 - 1220.1) <3C5F5D1E-DB7C-3027-BBB0-91E6DEA3E264> /System/Library/Frameworks/CFNetwork.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork
       0x19cf65000 -        0x19cf74fff  libsystem_networkextension.dylib (1295.80.3) <B6BD1267-BE59-3E42-B2B5-2BF13F17D02D> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_networkextension.dylib
       0x19cf75000 -        0x19cf76fff  libenergytrace.dylib (22) <C5CFEF87-BB69-3351-A0C8-9B601383A45C> /usr/lib/libenergytrace.dylib
       0x19cf77000 -        0x19cfcbfff  libMobileGestalt.dylib (978.80.1) <93C6E288-C098-357F-B8A5-3E133DF39ECE> /usr/lib/libMobileGestalt.dylib
       0x19cfcc000 -        0x19cfe3fff  libsystem_asl.dylib (385) <31E28E59-1CDD-3B83-8BF0-56C675227FA2> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_asl.dylib
       0x19cfe4000 -        0x19cffdfff (1.0 - 1) <C55FE947-0C86-3AAC-9306-9EFA7C033D07> 

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Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:41 am
by jhoyt
Here's my configure output:

Note the Architecture is aarch64 - maybe something to look into...

Code: Select all

------------ Configuring Mythtv ------------
cc_default gcc , 
sed 's#@@PREFIX@@#/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/nv-codec-headers/install#' > ffnvcodec.pc
install -m 0755 -d '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/nv-codec-headers/install/include/ffnvcodec'
install -m 0644 include/ffnvcodec/*.h '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/nv-codec-headers/install/include/ffnvcodec'
install -m 0755 -d '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/nv-codec-headers/install/lib/pkgconfig'
install -m 0644 ffnvcodec.pc '/Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/nv-codec-headers/install/lib/pkgconfig'

#### FFmpeg CONFIGURATION ####
install prefix            /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/31-osx-64bit
source path               .
C compiler                ccache clang
C library                 
host C compiler           clang
host C library            
ARCH                      aarch64 (generic)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     yes
NEON enabled              yes
VFP enabled               yes
debug symbols             yes
strip symbols             yes
optimize for size         no
optimizations             yes
static                    no
shared                    yes
postprocessing support    yes
network support           yes
threading support         pthreads
safe bitstream reader     yes
texi2html enabled         no
perl enabled              yes
pod2man enabled           yes
makeinfo enabled          yes
makeinfo supports HTML    no

External libraries:
appkit                  coreimage               libass                  libmp3lame              libx265                 libxcb_shm              libxvid
avfoundation            gnutls                  libbluray               libvpx                  libxcb                  libxcb_xfixes           lzma
bzlib                   iconv                   libfontconfig           libx264                 libxcb_shape            libxml2                 zlib

External libraries providing hardware acceleration:
audiotoolbox            videotoolbox

avcodec                 avdevice                avfilter                avformat                avutil                  postproc                swresample              swscale

ffmpeg                  ffprobe

Enabled decoders:
aac                     agm                     clearvideo              flashsv2                libvpx_vp8              mwsc                    pictor                  sol_dpcm                vp4
aac_at                  aic                     cljr                    flic                    libvpx_vp9              mxpeg                   pixlet                  sonic                   vp5
aac_fixed               alac                    cllc                    flv                     loco                    nellymoser              pjs                     sp5x                    vp6
aac_latm                alac_at                 comfortnoise            fmvc                    lscr                    nuv                     png                     speedhq                 vp6a
aasc                    alias_pix               cook                    fourxm                  m101                    on2avc                  ppm                     srgc                    vp6f
ac3                     als                     cpia                    fraps                   mace3                   opus                    prores                  srt                     vp7
ac3_at                  amr_nb_at               cscd                    frwu                    mace6                   paf_audio               prosumer                ssa                     vp8
ac3_fixed               amrnb                   cyuv                    g2m                     magicyuv                paf_video               psd                     stl                     vp9
adpcm_4xm               amrwb                   dca                     g723_1                  mdec                    pam                     ptx                     subrip                  vplayer
adpcm_adx               amv                     dds                     g729                    metasound               pbm                     qcelp                   subviewer               vqa
adpcm_afc               anm                     dfa                     gdv                     microdvd                pcm_alaw                qdm2                    subviewer1              wavpack
adpcm_agm               ansi                    dirac                   gif                     mimic                   pcm_alaw_at             qdm2_at                 sunrast                 wcmv
adpcm_aica              ape                     dnxhd                   gremlin_dpcm            mjpeg                   pcm_bluray              qdmc                    svq1                    webp
adpcm_ct                apng                    dolby_e                 gsm                     mjpegb                  pcm_dvd                 qdmc_at                 svq3                    webvtt
adpcm_dtk               aptx                    dpx                     gsm_ms                  mlp                     pcm_f16le               qdraw                   tak                     wmalossless
adpcm_ea                aptx_hd                 dsd_lsbf                gsm_ms_at               mmvideo                 pcm_f24le               qpeg                    targa                   wmapro
adpcm_ea_maxis_xa       arbc                    dsd_lsbf_planar         h261                    motionpixels            pcm_f32be               qtrle                   targa_y216              wmav1
adpcm_ea_r1             ass                     dsd_msbf                h263                    movtext                 pcm_f32le               r10k                    tdsc                    wmav2
adpcm_ea_r2             asv1                    dsd_msbf_planar         h263i                   mp1                     pcm_f64be               r210                    text                    wmavoice
adpcm_ea_r3             asv2                    dsicinaudio             h263p                   mp1_at                  pcm_f64le               ra_144                  theora                  wmv1
adpcm_ea_xas            atrac1                  dsicinvideo             h264                    mp1float                pcm_lxf                 ra_288                  thp                     wmv2
adpcm_g722              atrac3                  dss_sp                  hap                     mp2                     pcm_mulaw               ralf                    tiertexseqvideo         wmv3
adpcm_g726              atrac3al                dst                     hcom                    mp2_at                  pcm_mulaw_at            rasc                    tiff                    wmv3image
adpcm_g726le            atrac3p                 dvaudio                 hevc                    mp2float                pcm_s16be               rawvideo                tmv                     wnv1
adpcm_ima_amv           atrac3pal               dvbsub                  hnm4_video              mp3                     pcm_s16be_planar        realtext                truehd                  wrapped_avframe
adpcm_ima_apc           atrac9                  dvdsub                  hq_hqa                  mp3_at                  pcm_s16le               rl2                     truemotion1             ws_snd1
adpcm_ima_dat4          aura                    dvvideo                 hqx                     mp3adu                  pcm_s16le_planar        roq                     truemotion2             xan_dpcm
adpcm_ima_dk3           aura2                   dxa                     huffyuv                 mp3adufloat             pcm_s24be               roq_dpcm                truemotion2rt           xan_wc3
adpcm_ima_dk4           avrn                    dxtory                  hymt                    mp3float                pcm_s24daud             rpza                    truespeech              xan_wc4
adpcm_ima_ea_eacs       avrp                    dxv                     iac                     mp3on4                  pcm_s24le               rscc                    tscc                    xbin
adpcm_ima_ea_sead       avs                     eac3                    idcin                   mp3on4float             pcm_s24le_planar        rv10                    tscc2                   xbm
adpcm_ima_iss           avui                    eac3_at                 idf                     mpc7                    pcm_s32be               rv20                    tta                     xface
adpcm_ima_oki           ayuv                    eacmv                   iff_ilbm                mpc8                    pcm_s32le               rv30                    twinvq                  xl
adpcm_ima_qt            bethsoftvid             eamad                   ilbc                    mpeg1video              pcm_s32le_planar        rv40                    txd                     xma1
adpcm_ima_qt_at         bfi                     eatgq                   ilbc_at                 mpeg2video              pcm_s64be               s302m                   ulti                    xma2
adpcm_ima_rad           bink                    eatgv                   imc                     mpeg4                   pcm_s64le               sami                    utvideo                 xpm
adpcm_ima_smjpeg        binkaudio_dct           eatqi                   imm4                    mpegvideo               pcm_s8                  sanm                    v210                    xsub
adpcm_ima_wav           binkaudio_rdft          eightbps                indeo2                  mpl2                    pcm_s8_planar           sbc                     v210x                   xwd
adpcm_ima_ws            bintext                 eightsvx_exp            indeo3                  msa1                    pcm_u16be               scpr                    v308                    y41p
adpcm_ms                bitpacked               eightsvx_fib            indeo4                  mscc                    pcm_u16le               screenpresso            v408                    ylc
adpcm_mtaf              bmp                     escape124               indeo5                  msmpeg4v1               pcm_u24be               sdx2_dpcm               v410                    yop
adpcm_psx               bmv_audio               escape130               interplay_acm           msmpeg4v2               pcm_u24le               sgi                     vb                      yuv4
adpcm_sbpro_2           bmv_video               evrc                    interplay_dpcm          msmpeg4v3               pcm_u32be               sgirle                  vble                    zero12v
adpcm_sbpro_3           brender_pix             exr                     interplay_video         msrle                   pcm_u32le               sheervideo              vc1                     zerocodec
adpcm_sbpro_4           c93                     ffv1                    jacosub                 mss1                    pcm_u8                  shorten                 vc1image                zlib
adpcm_swf               cavs                    ffvhuff                 jpeg2000                mss2                    pcm_vidc                sipr                    vcr1                    zmbv
adpcm_thp               ccaption                ffwavesynth             jpegls                  msvideo1                pcm_zork                smackaud                vmdaudio
adpcm_thp_le            cdgraphics              fic                     jv                      mszh                    pcx                     smacker                 vmdvideo
adpcm_vima              cdxl                    fits                    kgv1                    mts2                    pgm                     smc                     vmnc
adpcm_xa                cfhd                    flac                    kmvc                    mvc1                    pgmyuv                  smvjpeg                 vorbis
adpcm_yamaha            cinepak                 flashsv                 lagarith                mvc2                    pgssub                  snow                    vp3

Enabled encoders:
a64multi                apng                    eac3                    libmp3lame              msvideo1                pcm_s24daud             pgm                     snow                    vorbis
a64multi5               aptx                    ffv1                    libvpx_vp8              nellymoser              pcm_s24le               pgmyuv                  sonic                   wavpack
aac                     aptx_hd                 ffvhuff                 libvpx_vp9              opus                    pcm_s24le_planar        png                     sonic_ls                webvtt
aac_at                  ass                     fits                    libx264                 pam                     pcm_s32be               ppm                     srt                     wmav1
ac3                     asv1                    flac                    libx264rgb              pbm                     pcm_s32le               prores                  ssa                     wmav2
ac3_fixed               asv2                    flashsv                 libx265                 pcm_alaw                pcm_s32le_planar        prores_aw               subrip                  wmv1
adpcm_adx               avrp                    flashsv2                libxvid                 pcm_alaw_at             pcm_s64be               prores_ks               sunrast                 wmv2
adpcm_g722              avui                    flv                     ljpeg                   pcm_dvd                 pcm_s64le               qtrle                   svq1                    wrapped_avframe
adpcm_g726              ayuv                    g723_1                  magicyuv                pcm_f32be               pcm_s8                  r10k                    targa                   xbm
adpcm_g726le            bmp                     gif                     mjpeg                   pcm_f32le               pcm_s8_planar           r210                    text                    xface
adpcm_ima_qt            cinepak                 h261                    mlp                     pcm_f64be               pcm_u16be               ra_144                  tiff                    xsub
adpcm_ima_wav           cljr                    h263                    movtext                 pcm_f64le               pcm_u16le               rawvideo                truehd                  xwd
adpcm_ms                comfortnoise            h263p                   mp2                     pcm_mulaw               pcm_u24be               roq                     tta                     y41p
adpcm_swf               dca                     h264_videotoolbox       mp2fixed                pcm_mulaw_at            pcm_u24le               roq_dpcm                utvideo                 yuv4
adpcm_yamaha            dnxhd                   hevc_videotoolbox       mpeg1video              pcm_s16be               pcm_u32be               rv10                    v210                    zlib
alac                    dpx                     huffyuv                 mpeg2video              pcm_s16be_planar        pcm_u32le               rv20                    v308                    zmbv
alac_at                 dvbsub                  ilbc_at                 mpeg4                   pcm_s16le               pcm_u8                  s302m                   v408
alias_pix               dvdsub                  jpeg2000                msmpeg4v2               pcm_s16le_planar        pcm_vidc                sbc                     v410
amv                     dvvideo                 jpegls                  msmpeg4v3               pcm_s24be               pcx                     sgi                     vc2

Enabled hwaccels:
h263_videotoolbox       h264_videotoolbox       hevc_videotoolbox       mpeg1_videotoolbox      mpeg2_videotoolbox      mpeg4_videotoolbox

Enabled parsers:
aac                     avs2                    dirac                   dvd_nav                 gif                     hevc                    mpegvideo               rv40                    vorbis
aac_latm                bmp                     dnxhd                   dvdsub                  gsm                     mjpeg                   opus                    sbc                     vp3
ac3                     cavsvideo               dpx                     flac                    h261                    mlp                     png                     sipr                    vp8
adx                     cook                    dvaudio                 g723_1                  h263                    mpeg4video              pnm                     tak                     vp9
av1                     dca                     dvbsub                  g729                    h264                    mpegaudio               rv30                    vc1                     xma

Enabled demuxers:
aa                      bfi                     dxa                     idf                     ingenient               mpjpeg                  pcm_s32be               scc                     txd
aac                     bfstm                   ea                      iff                     ipmovie                 mpl2                    pcm_s32le               sdp                     ty
ac3                     bink                    ea_cdata                ifv                     ircam                   mpsub                   pcm_s8                  sdr2                    v210
acm                     bintext                 eac3                    ilbc                    iss                     msf                     pcm_u16be               sds                     v210x
act                     bit                     epaf                    image2                  iv8                     msnwc_tcp               pcm_u16le               sdx                     vag
adf                     bmv                     ffmetadata              image2_alias_pix        ivf                     mtaf                    pcm_u24be               segafilm                vc1
adp                     boa                     filmstrip               image2_brender_pix      ivr                     mtv                     pcm_u24le               ser                     vc1t
ads                     brstm                   fits                    image2pipe              jacosub                 musx                    pcm_u32be               shorten                 vividas
adx                     c93                     flac                    image_bmp_pipe          jv                      mv                      pcm_u32le               siff                    vivo
aea                     caf                     flic                    image_dds_pipe          kux                     mvi                     pcm_u8                  sln                     vmd
afc                     cavsvideo               flv                     image_dpx_pipe          live_flv                mxf                     pcm_vidc                smacker                 vobsub
aiff                    cdg                     fourxm                  image_exr_pipe          lmlm4                   mxg                     pjs                     smjpeg                  voc
aix                     cdxl                    frm                     image_gif_pipe          loas                    mythtv_mpegts           pmp                     smush                   vpk
amr                     cine                    fsb                     image_j2k_pipe          lrc                     mythtv_mpegtsraw        pva                     sol                     vplayer
amrnb                   codec2                  g722                    image_jpeg_pipe         lvf                     nc                      pvf                     sox                     vqf
amrwb                   codec2raw               g723_1                  image_jpegls_pipe       lxf                     nistsphere              qcp                     spdif                   w64
anm                     concat                  g726                    image_pam_pipe          m4v                     nsp                     r3d                     srt                     wav
apc                     dash                    g726le                  image_pbm_pipe          matroska                nsv                     rawvideo                stl                     wc3
ape                     data                    g729                    image_pcx_pipe          mgsts                   nut                     realtext                str                     webm_dash_manifest
apng                    daud                    gdv                     image_pgm_pipe          microdvd                nuv                     redspark                subviewer               webvtt
aptx                    dcstr                   genh                    image_pgmyuv_pipe       mjpeg                   ogg                     rl2                     subviewer1              wsaud
aptx_hd                 dfa                     gif                     image_pictor_pipe       mjpeg_2000              oma                     rm                      sup                     wsd
aqtitle                 dhav                    gsm                     image_png_pipe          mlp                     paf                     roq                     svag                    wsvqa
asf                     dirac                   gxf                     image_ppm_pipe          mlv                     pcm_alaw                rpl                     swf                     wtv
asf_o                   dnxhd                   h261                    image_psd_pipe          mm                      pcm_f32be               rsd                     tak                     wv
ass                     dsf                     h263                    image_qdraw_pipe        mmf                     pcm_f32le               rso                     tedcaptions             wve
ast                     dsicin                  h264                    image_sgi_pipe          mov                     pcm_f64be               rtp                     thp                     xa
au                      dss                     hcom                    image_sunrast_pipe      mp3                     pcm_f64le               rtsp                    threedostr              xbin
avi                     dts                     hevc                    image_svg_pipe          mpc                     pcm_mulaw               s337m                   tiertexseq              xmv
avr                     dtshd                   hls                     image_tiff_pipe         mpc8                    pcm_s16be               sami                    tmv                     xvag
avs                     dv                      hnm                     image_webp_pipe         mpegps                  pcm_s16le               sap                     truehd                  xwma
avs2                    dvbsub                  ico                     image_xpm_pipe          mpegts                  pcm_s24be               sbc                     tta                     yop
bethsoftvid             dvbtxt                  idcin                   image_xwd_pipe          mpegvideo               pcm_s24le               sbg                     tty                     yuv4mpegpipe

Enabled muxers:
a64                     caf                     fits                    hevc                    mjpeg                   mxf_d10                 pcm_s24le               rtp_mpegts              tg2
ac3                     cavsvideo               flac                    hls                     mkvtimestamp_v2         mxf_opatom              pcm_s32be               rtsp                    tgp
adts                    codec2                  flv                     ico                     mlp                     null                    pcm_s32le               sap                     truehd
adx                     codec2raw               framecrc                ilbc                    mmf                     nut                     pcm_s8                  sbc                     tta
aiff                    crc                     framehash               image2                  mov                     oga                     pcm_u16be               scc                     uncodedframecrc
amr                     dash                    framemd5                image2pipe              mp2                     ogg                     pcm_u16le               segafilm                vc1
apng                    data                    g722                    ipod                    mp3                     ogv                     pcm_u24be               segment                 vc1t
aptx                    daud                    g723_1                  ircam                   mp4                     oma                     pcm_u24le               singlejpeg              voc
aptx_hd                 dirac                   g726                    ismv                    mpeg1system             opus                    pcm_u32be               smjpeg                  w64
asf                     dnxhd                   g726le                  ivf                     mpeg1vcd                pcm_alaw                pcm_u32le               smoothstreaming         wav
asf_stream              dts                     gif                     jacosub                 mpeg1video              pcm_f32be               pcm_u8                  sox                     webm
ass                     dv                      gsm                     latm                    mpeg2dvd                pcm_f32le               pcm_vidc                spdif                   webm_chunk
ast                     eac3                    gxf                     lrc                     mpeg2svcd               pcm_f64be               psp                     spx                     webm_dash_manifest
au                      f4v                     h261                    m4v                     mpeg2video              pcm_f64le               rawvideo                srt                     webp
avi                     ffmetadata              h263                    matroska                mpeg2vob                pcm_mulaw               rm                      stream_segment          webvtt
avm2                    fifo                    h264                    matroska_audio          mpegts                  pcm_s16be               roq                     sup                     wtv
avs2                    fifo_test               hash                    md5                     mpjpeg                  pcm_s16le               rso                     swf                     wv
bit                     filmstrip               hds                     microdvd                mxf                     pcm_s24be               rtp                     tee                     yuv4mpegpipe

Enabled protocols:
async                   crypto                  ftp                     httpproxy               mmsh                    rtmp                    rtp                     tee                     unix
bluray                  data                    gopher                  https                   mmst                    rtmps                   srtp                    tls
cache                   ffrtmphttp              hls                     icecast                 pipe                    rtmpt                   subfile                 udp
concat                  file                    http                    md5                     prompeg                 rtmpts                  tcp                     udplite

Enabled filters:
abench                  amultiply               blend                   deconvolve              format                  loop                    paletteuse              settb                   telecine
abitscope               anequalizer             bm3d                    dedot                   fps                     loudnorm                pan                     showcqt                 testsrc
acompressor             anlmdn                  boxblur                 deesser                 framepack               lowpass                 perms                   showfreqs               testsrc2
acontrast               anoisesrc               bwdif                   deflate                 framerate               lowshelf                perspective             showinfo                threshold
acopy                   anull                   cellauto                deflicker               framestep               lumakey                 phase                   showpalette             thumbnail
acrossfade              anullsink               channelmap              dejudder                freezedetect            lut                     pixdesctest             showspatial             tile
acrossover              anullsrc                channelsplit            delogo                  fspp                    lut1d                   pixscope                showspectrum            tinterlace
acrusher                apad                    chorus                  derain                  gblur                   lut2                    pp                      showspectrumpic         tlut2
acue                    aperms                  chromahold              deshake                 geq                     lut3d                   pp7                     showvolume              tmix
adeclick                aphasemeter             chromakey               despill                 gradfun                 lutrgb                  premultiply             showwaves               tonemap
adeclip                 aphaser                 chromashift             detelecine              graphmonitor            lutyuv                  prewitt                 showwavespic            tpad
adelay                  apulsator               ciescope                dilation                greyedge                mandelbrot              pseudocolor             shuffleframes           transpose
aderivative             arealtime               codecview               displace                haas                    maskedclamp             psnr                    shuffleplanes           treble
adrawgraph              aresample               color                   doubleweave             haldclut                maskedmerge             pullup                  sidechaincompress       tremolo
aecho                   areverse                colorbalance            drawbox                 haldclutsrc             maskfun                 qp                      sidechaingate           trim
aemphasis               aselect                 colorchannelmixer       drawgraph               hdcd                    mcdeint                 random                  sidedata                unpremultiply
aeval                   asendcmd                colorhold               drawgrid                headphone               mcompand                readeia608              signalstats             unsharp
aevalsrc                asetnsamples            colorkey                drmeter                 hflip                   mergeplanes             readvitc                signature               uspp
afade                   asetpts                 colorlevels             dynaudnorm              highpass                mestimate               realtime                silencedetect           vaguedenoiser
afftdn                  asetrate                colormatrix             earwax                  highshelf               metadata                remap                   silenceremove           vectorscope
afftfilt                asettb                  colorspace              ebur128                 hilbert                 midequalizer            removegrain             sinc                    vflip
afifo                   ashowinfo               compand                 edgedetect              histeq                  minterpolate            removelogo              sine                    vfrdet
afir                    asidedata               compensationdelay       elbg                    histogram               mix                     repeatfields            smartblur               vibrance
aformat                 asoftclip               concat                  entropy                 hqdn3d                  movie                   replaygain              smptebars               vibrato
agate                   asplit                  convolution             eq                      hqx                     mpdecimate              reverse                 smptehdbars             vignette
agraphmonitor           ass                     convolve                equalizer               hstack                  mptestsrc               rgbashift               sobel                   vmafmotion
ahistogram              astats                  copy                    erosion                 hue                     negate                  rgbtestsrc              spectrumsynth           volume
aiir                    astreamselect           coreimage               extractplanes           hwdownload              nlmeans                 roberts                 split                   volumedetect
aintegral               atadenoise              coreimagesrc            extrastereo             hwmap                   nnedi                   rotate                  spp                     vstack
ainterleave             atempo                  cover_rect              fade                    hwupload                noformat                sab                     sr                      w3fdif
alimiter                atrim                   crop                    fftdnoiz                hysteresis              noise                   scale                   ssim                    waveform
allpass                 avectorscope            cropdetect              fftfilt                 idet                    normalize               scale2ref               stereo3d                weave
allrgb                  avgblur                 crossfeed               field                   il                      null                    select                  stereotools             xbr
allyuv                  bandpass                crystalizer             fieldhint               inflate                 nullsink                selectivecolor          stereowiden             xmedian
aloop                   bandreject              cue                     fieldmatch              interlace               nullsrc                 sendcmd                 streamselect            xstack
alphaextract            bass                    curves                  fieldorder              interleave              oscilloscope            separatefields          subtitles               yadif
alphamerge              bbox                    datascope               fifo                    join                    overlay                 setdar                  super2xsai              yuvtestsrc
amerge                  bench                   dcshift                 fillborders             kerndeint               owdenoise               setfield                superequalizer          zoompan
ametadata               biquad                  dctdnoiz                find_rect               lagfun                  pad                     setparams               surround
amix                    bitplanenoise           deband                  firequalizer            lenscorrection          pal100bars              setpts                  swaprect
amovie                  blackdetect             deblock                 flanger                 life                    pal75bars               setrange                swapuv
amplify                 blackframe              decimate                floodfill               limiter                 palettegen              setsar                  tblend

Enabled bsfs:
aac_adtstoasc           dca_core                filter_units            hapqa_extract           mjpeg2jpeg              mpeg2_metadata          prores_metadata         truehd_core             vp9_superframe_split
av1_frame_split         dump_extradata          h264_metadata           hevc_metadata           mjpega_dump_header      mpeg4_unpack_bframes    remove_extradata        vp9_metadata
av1_metadata            eac3_core               h264_mp4toannexb        hevc_mp4toannexb        mov2textsub             noise                   text2movsub             vp9_raw_reorder
chomp                   extract_extradata       h264_redundant_pps      imx_dump_header         mp3_header_decompress   null                    trace_headers           vp9_superframe

Enabled indevs:
avfoundation            lavfi                   xcbgrab

Enabled outdevs:

License: GPL version 2 or later

# Basic Settings
Qt minimum version        5.7
Qt installed version      5.15.2
Compile type              debug
Compiler cache            yes
DistCC                    no
qmake                     /opt/local/libexec/qt5/bin/qmake
install prefix            /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/31-osx-64bit
runtime prefix            ../Resources
CPU                       aarch64  (Apple M1)
NEON enabled              yes (Intrinsics yes)
VFP enabled               yes
Creating configuration files ...

# Input Support
Joystick menu             no
lirc support              yes
libCEC device support     no [/usr/include]
Apple Remote              yes
Video4Linux support       no
ivtv support              no
HD-PVR support            no
FireWire support          no
DVB support               no [/usr/include]
DVB-S2 support            no
HDHomeRun support         no
V@Box TV Gateway support  yes
Ceton support             yes
DVEO ASI support          no

# Sound Output Support
PulseAudio support        no
OSS support               no
ALSA support              no
JACK support              default
libfftw3 support          no

# Video Output Support
x11 support               no
DRM support               no
Video4Linux codecs        no (DRM no)
MMAL decoder support      no
OpenGL                    yes (OpenGLES no)
EGL support               no
MHEG support              yes
libass subtitle support   yes

# Misc Features
Frontend                  yes
Backend                   yes
multi threaded libavcodec yes
libxml2 support           yes [/opt/local/include/libxml2]
libdns_sd (Bonjour)       yes
libcrypto                 yes
gnutls                    yes
bluray support            yes (system)
BD-J (Bluray java)        yes
BD-J type                 j2se
systemd_notify            no
systemd_journal           no

# Bindings
bindings_perl             yes
bindings_python           yes
bindings_php              yes

# External Codec Options
mp3lame                   yes
xvid                      yes
x264                      yes
x265 (HEVC)               yes
vpx                       yes
libaom   (AV1)            no
libdav1d (AV1)            no

# Compilation Options
Enforce c++11 nullptr     no
Enforce shadowed vars     yes

Creating libs/libmythbase/mythconfig.h and libs/libmythbase/mythconfig.mak

Created libs/libmythbase/mythconfig.h
Created libs/libmythbase/mythconfig.mak
Configuring libmythdvdnav...
Info: creating stash file /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/libmythdvdnav/.qmake.stash
Configuring libudfread...
Info: creating stash file /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/libudfread/.qmake.stash
Configuring libmythsoundtouch...
Info: creating stash file /Users/jhoyt/mythtv-31/mythtv/mythtv/external/libmythsoundtouch/.qmake.stash

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:57 pm
by jhoyt
...well it's not codesigning. I now have a script version that does that properly now :)

Looking into configure to see if it needs any special care for mac / arm

Re: compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:53 pm
by jhoyt
adding the --disable-lirc flag to configure seems to have gotten everything to work. Now to cleanup my work.

dmg's posted for v31: ... Sur/ARM64/
for master: ... Sur/ARM64/

Re: [Solved] compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:01 pm
by pvr4me
Outstanding work, John!!

Just for grins, how long does it take to build Myth with your new M1?


Re: [Solved] compiling mythtv on Apple M1 silicon

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:13 am
by jhoyt
Mac Mini (M1, 2020), Apple M1 - 8GB RAM, just configure and make, clean ccache
918.27s user 127.62s system 97% cpu 17:50.37 total

Macbook Pro (16-inch, 2019) - 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 - 16GB RAM, just configure and make, clean ccache
344.94s user 126.72s system 95% cpu 8:15.33 total