v0.29 Mythtv released

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Re: v0.29 Mythtv released

Post by sfatula » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:12 pm

Been running for almost a month on compiled myth.29 and most everything works. There are a couple of places I lose keyboard focus (but fortunately only on a few setup type screens), and, not all plugins work perfectly or do I have the ability to test:

MythArchive - Nothing to test with
MythBrowser - does not work with internal browser, works with external browser such as FF
MythMusic - Seems to work except for visualizations
MythNetvision - Works with external browser
MythNews - Works
MythWeather - Works
MythZoneminder - no way to test

So, backend and frontend seem to work. Will be able to distribute the pre-compiled apps along with some scripts, installer if desired, etc. Schedule import, meta lookups, jobs, etc all seem to work well.

But, am headed out to Palm Springs for a few weeks, then I am back 2 weeks but then off to Branson. Perhaps in between I can get the details, doc, etc ironed out.

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