macOS Mythfrontend autobuilds via github

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macOS Mythfrontend autobuilds via github

Post by jhoyt » Sat Dec 03, 2022 1:02 pm

Apologies for the lack of new builds lately.  The upgrade to macOS Ventura presented many a VM obstacle so I had to pivot to a new method of building the application.

To solve the VM problem, I've managed to get autobuilds of Mythfrontend up and running using github actions for both fixes/32 and master (pre-33).  Currently the builds are done on the available github runners for intel architectures only (I'm working on an ARM / apple silicon solution...) for Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), and Monterey (12).

The github action auto uploads generated .dmg files to the usual SourceForge site Note - look for the date stamp if multiple builds are present as I'm still struggling through the logic to archive off the old builds. The action is set to run weekly and will post updated dmg's if the fixes/32 or master git repos receive commits.

For macOS 11 and 12, these applications and dmg files are both signed and notarized with a valid apple developer id.  
I'll keep posting autobuilds for macOS versions that have supported github runners (warning Catalina is about to get retired this week...) and will update the runners list as additional macOS versions (and architectures) become available.

The code for the github action is located here:

Very happy to get any feedback and suggestions from the github actions knowledgeable users on this list on ways to improve the build and upload process.  I've just started playing around with github actions, and keep learning new tricks and features as I go.

In regards to Ventura (intel and ARM based builds), I will keep doing those manually until a github runner is stood up to support those architectures.  I don't currently have a path forward for Big Sur/Monterey based ARM builds, but am looking into alternatives to using VMs (happy to get thoughts and ideas).

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