Read if you record WHCT 35 in Hartford, CT

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Read if you record WHCT 35 in Hartford, CT

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I noticed tonight that all the subchannels on WHCT had no listings after 9/11. I use tv_grab_zz_sdjson.

I checked my sqlite database and found that the main 35.1 was selected but all the subchannels were deselected. So I ran the grabber with --manage-lineups, selected them, ran mythfilldatabase, and listings are back until 9/26.

So why did it happen... I remembered in April I made a post about "duplicate channels" coming from Schedules Direct. See last post here:


I'm guessing Schedules Direct finally cleaned up those duplicates, but the ones deleted were the ones I had selected. So selecting the "other duplicate" that remained fixed it. Or something like that.

So if you record anything on these channels, you've got a couple days to check it out and fix if necessary. If you're lucky, maybe you had the "right duplicate" selected. :)
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