replacing mythcommflag w/comskip - question

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replacing mythcommflag w/comskip - question

Post by glenb » Mon Mar 15, 2021 3:52 am

i found that comskip seemed to do a much better job than mythcommflag for both the over the air and cable content.
i am in usa/los angeles. my content is mostly off antenna, but some is firewire and iptv hdmi encoder (cable box).
it might be that tuning the mythcommflag might get the same results, but i am trying a bash script replacing mythcommflag.
in the setup i replaced mythcommflag with my script. the script runs comskip in it's live mode which runs as the show is recording.
the script gets the file and directory, calls comscript with an ini settings file from the comskip forum for usa/ota.

the script launches a concurrent bash script that grabs the flagged skips as the show records and places them in the database using mythutil --setskiplist
it polls every two minutes for changes. when comskip is finished i have it changing the flag in the 'recorded' table to show there are flagged skips, if any are found.

everything is working. the only thing missing is having the backend update the status as the shows record.
this is described here: ... _detection
i have not been able to find a way to have the bash script give these messages. i tried with mythutil --systemevent, but everything i tried crashed the script.

i did find that the exit code from the script causes mythweb to show the exit code as the number of commercials detected.
if anyone knows how to send the messages described in the link above from within the script and the form of them i'd appreciate it.

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