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Post by marcw » Sun Mar 07, 2021 3:10 am

I couldn't spot a sub-forum for plugins so that's why I'm posting this here.
I just installed mythzmserver on my v1.34 ZM server and am viewing in on a new v.31 Myth FE. I got it to mostly work, no thanks to the Mythzoneminder wiki, but have a problem. The Console view of mythzoneminder says it's running (it found the ZM server) but it doesn't show any cameras. And the Live view tells me that I have no monitors (cameras). I can assure you that I have 6 cameras on my ZM server and that they are all working well. Oddly, the Event view of Mythzoneminder seems to be working fine. It see all of my ZM events and I can even replay each of them and they look fine. I just can't figure out why mythzmserver doesn't recognize any of my monitors (cameras). Thanks for any suggestions.

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