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Full range or limited

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:19 pm
by Lost Dog
In 0.31 an option in the video playback was added to be able to select Full or Limited range for video output. The help text states:

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Enable (recommended) to supply full range RGB output to your display device. Disable to supply limited range RGB output. This setting applies to both the GUI and media playback. Ideally the value of this setting should match a similar setting on your TV or monitor.
It's listing "recommended" for full range RGB. I thought limited (16 - 235)was the preferred setting for TV / movie based usage. I've always had my Nvidia preferences set at YCbCr444 Limited. I could tell for a while something seemed off and when I ran some Black Clipping / White Clipping test patterns they were way off.

I switched the MythTV setting to Limited and could adjust the Black/White clipping but then the menu buttons were washed out and video is really dark.

Should we now be at "Full" for both video card settings and MythTV?