Observation: different channels, different length of schedules

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Observation: different channels, different length of schedules

Post by wmorrison » Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:18 pm

If you use SchedulesDirect for listings, and frequently browse program data out to the last days available looking for shows to record, here is an observation.

Different channels provide different lengths of schedule data. If right after mythfilldatabase has run, you browse the last day available in listings, you can miss some newly-added data for some channels "in the middle." This is not SchedulesDirect's fault, they pass on listings data from their sources.

You may also notice on some channels that the last days show "generic" episode data (no season/episode and the description is for the entire series) but days later the "generic" data is replaced with specific episode data. Again, SchedulesDirect is passing on what they get.

I suspect this is because some channels have a regular schedule where they know, for example, show "X" airs every Monday at 9:00 PM, so 18 days out there's a listing for that show, but the channel only has specific episode data out to maybe 14 days.

For other channels you may notice "TBA" listings that are replaced by specific data as they near current date. (I notice this on PBS a lot.)

Point is, if you are looking for new shows to record, don't just look at the last few days of the schedule. It's tempting because there is so much data if you have a lot of channels, but you can miss new shows that "snuck into the middle."

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