mythwelcome vs new idle mode/screen

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mythwelcome vs new idle mode/screen

Post by wmorrison » Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:22 pm

First let me say why I don't like the "new" way of not using mythwelcome but instead using only the idle mode/screen in mythfrontend. If I'm misunderstanding the idle mode/screen, and it can do what I want, please let me know.

I have a shorter timeout for mythwelcome and a much longer timeout for mythfrontend.

If I know I'm done using the machine, I purposefully exit mythfrontend and mythwelcome will shut down in five minutes.

If somehow I or someone else accidently turns on the machine while the TV is off (leans on a remote button or whatever) it will also shut itself back off in about five minutes.

This means when I manually start the machine (on purpose) I have five minutes to start mythfrontend to keep it from shutting down. Not a problem as bootup is fairly quick.

But while I am in the frontend, I will often:

- Walk away from the machine for 15-20 minutes or more while I am in the middle of searching listings, maintaining rules, etc.
- Be actively using a terminal or other non-myth program

I know I can lock shutdown, and often do, but many times there is no need to do so for a short task while I know the frontend is running. And if I haven't locked it, I can alt-tab to mythfrontend and "bump" the menu selection if I've been away for a while.

My idle timeout for mythfrontend is 90 minutes. I never leave mythfrontend running when I am done using the machine. Unless I forget, in which case it will shut itself down anyway after 90 minutes.

Am I misunderstanding the new idle screen? I want to purposefully exit from the main menu before having a shorter timeout period, but a longer timeout while on the main menu or any submenu.

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