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Programme Guide Info, OTA or Schedules Direct

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 6:34 pm
by diyhouse
I've been using SD direct for some years now.. Since Atlas rejected us all,... But what are the pros and cons for OTA or SD data ( in the UK ),.. Yes SD data is supposed to be good to 14 Days Plus... although very often I find this is not the case as I guess the originators are with holding information etc... and the OTA stuff is only good for one week, but does hog one of the virtual tuners, ( or is it a complete tuner....)... as I have both freeSAT and FreeView...
Any thoughts from the wider community welcome,..

Re: Programme Guide Info, OTA or Schedules Direct

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 12:37 pm
by halucigenia
Since Atlas rejected us all I have stuck with OTA. I just have to make sure that I check for upcoming shows and movies every week instead now.
One small niggle that I have is that there is often no episode and series listed correctly, sometimes it is in the description and I have scripted a way to extract this when I transcode to include it in the filename. I also seem to get more repeat recordings for some reason.
I too use freesat and freeview and have plenty of tuners to cope with the amount of recordings that I do so I never seem to get an issue with the OTA hogging any tuners.

Re: Programme Guide Info, OTA or Schedules Direct

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 7:44 pm
by MikeB2013
SD data can be for up to 20 days, some channels have less e.g. BBC One has around 14 days.
The SD data is generally better than that from EIT, better descriptions, more categories and other metadata (Actors, Directors etc).
SD also use place holder data (to be announced), so mythtv always reports more guide data days than the real days.
From memory, SD used to bulk update once a week, so the days of data drops per day until the next bulk update.

mythfilldatabase when importing xmltv data is very memory intensive, use the --no-allatonce switch as an argument in mythtv-setup of mythfilldatabase to limit grabbing of data to 1 day at a time which greatly reduces memory usage

For EIT there should not be any hogging of tuners, although constantly in use, EIT scanning is stopped when the tuner is required for a recording.
Note if you have more than one tuner for a Video Source, only one tuner needs to be enabled for EIT active scanning in Capture Cards. You can have more than one tuner with active EIT but it just increases load on the machine.