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[Solved]Newer system, accessing old system content..

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:36 pm
by MTXRooster
Hey all,

Over the holidays when nothing new was airing (mostly) I made some changes..

PC 1 (old mythtv backend) - Core2Duo not keeping up with recording 3 channels at once (hdhomerun for 2, card for 1)
replaced with:
PC 3 ("old" but newer than PC1) - i7 930 (the ORIGINAL first i7 gen) uses same stuff (hdhomerun for 2, card for 1)

PC 2 sits at our tv, and will eventually be replaced by PC 1 as a player only, because it is also a C2D CPU, but older and slower.

When I first did this, my intent was to leave PC 1 and PC 3 BOTH running as "master servers", so my family could get caught up on the content on PC1, then when we were done, I'd take it down and redo it to to become PC2 (again, viewing/client/frontend only).
I ran into a crapton of problems, as it appeared backends don't like to co-exist. Don't care about that now, we're past that.

What I'm trying to find out, is whether there is a way to NOW put PC1 back online in any way shape of form and have it be accessible (again, in any way, direct from the frontend to the old backend, or with the old backend talking and working with the new backend) to watch those shows.

Today I tried firing up PC1, with no network, and for some reason, it won't even work that way. Frontend keeps claiming it can't find the backend, despite being told the hostname is localhost, or, etc.. Backend configuration still has the "is master server" box checked, so it's not like the backend is still looking for a different backend (PC3) (part of the disaster I had when trying to co-run two backends as masters, irrelevant now). Anywho.. If anyone has advice, tips, a previously written walk-through or guide on how I could accompolish this, that'd be great.

TO be fair, even stand alone access (I don't know why this machine, with no network connection) will not simmply fire up and load the front end without saying it can't find the backend, it worked flawlessly for years), that'd be fine cuz I could hook it up to the tv, or transcode the files to mp4 etc., and view them elsewhere.. Is this normal to lose backend with no network? or is it something that happened while trying to have 2 backends running that got screwed up..?


Re: Newer system, accessing old system content..

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:34 pm
by bill6502

Yes, multiple backends can be running at the same time. Obviously with different IPs
if on the same network and with their own DB. I've got three right now.

I've never run a backend without a Private Network address, but have read comments
from others that do it.

Start with PC1 and look at the backend logs. Don't know what distribution or MythTV
version you're running, but frequently they're in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log.

Also, don't know if changes were made for the "crapton of problems", but would look
there if it was working. This is a popular thing to consider:

Re: Newer system, accessing old system content..

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:07 pm
by wesnewell
A single backend/frontend machine will run fine without a network connection as long as you have it and the database configured properly. Make sure the DB is running first. Then make sure the backend starts without a problem. Should then be a simple matter of running the frontend setup and pointing it to the DB. You can also run a master and slave backend. I did this many years ago when I only had 5 single tuner cards with 3 in one pc and 2 in the slave. The slave didn't even have to be powered up to watch the recordings on the master where the DB was. But you cannot run 2 pc's as both masters and have them work together because each master requires it's own DB. To run 2 backends one has to be the slave and it doesn't have a DB.
It's hard to guess what you've done, but your recordings should still be in the recordings dir. You can watch them with vlc if you can't get myth working,

Re: Newer system, accessing old system content..

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:12 am
by MTXRooster
Thanks for your posts all :) I went back at it on the old master and honestly I don't know, something must've changed, but I couldn't tell you what.. I went into the backend setup, everything still looked fine, but for kicks I re-entered everything (ie hostname localhost,. ports etc) unchecked and rechecked each box accordingly, saveed, restarted and amazingly it worked and came right back up. Now in the process of watching/transcoding all the unwatched content which was the goal :) Again, thanks for your time, assistance and assurance that it would work, lol :) Wish I could tell ya what fixed it, all settings the exact same (took screenshots when I first set it up) lol...