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Front End options - wife friendly

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:19 pm
by blanksheet
I'm a newbie with MythTV and have been searching and reading as much as possible about front end options. Have a MythTV and PLEX dedicated server. "Front End" is PLEX app on Roku using tschaumburg\warpme/MythRecordings.bundle(thank you both!). PLEX announced they are dumping plugins altogether so need to figure out a real front end that is wife friendly that can hopefully sort by SEASONS/EPISODE if possible. I was able to edit the plugin to add that sort method.

Not tied to the Roku as a solution but those are in place. Looking at Emby and perhaps seeing I could get the Emby.MythTv plugin to work again on a test box.

I would like to dive into a new front end solution and would appreciate any direction. I'm a school bus driver so my technical skills aren't the greatest but if pointed in the right direction I can learn to get it setup.

Thank you for any help,

Re: Front End options - wife friendly

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:19 am
by heyted
I have used a Kodi frontend and the MythTV frontend, and my preference is the MythTV frontend. My wife is happy with it. The PC in my living room is a combined frontend and backend.

Re: Front End options - wife friendly

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:04 pm
by blanksheet
Thanks heyted for the reply. Did spend more time setting up multiple frontends and looks to be a promising solution when Plex plugins are removed. Found a Theme that the wife can deal with but change for her is hard. Having an additional PC that's needing additional input mechanisms will still be a pain for her. Shown her MythWeb and also can provide a wireless mouse/keyboard if needed. Hoping to use Mythmote as that works great on the MythTV backend server's frontend. Still debugging Mythmote connecting to secondary frontends but will get it figured out.

Still looking at EMBY and found the working plugin Emby.MythTv-1.0.6. Downloaded Visual Studio and been trying to learn and hopefully can customize Emby.MythTv-1.0.6 like we did on the PLEX plugin MythRecordings.bundle. Having no programming skills that may take some time.

Any way just wanted to share our journey and say thanks to all the great programmers who brought this great journey to our home.