Keeping up with satellite retunes

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Keeping up with satellite retunes

Post by luc5588 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:12 am

For the Astra satellites, it seems (from KingOfSat) that every few days some FTA channel is added, removed, or moves frequency.

Mostly I don't notice until it affects a channel I use and I get failed recordings, and then I re-run mythtv-setup and rescan, then run SQL to set "useonairguide=0" (since it seems to default to 1). Since I only do it every few months, it does mean that in that period I sometimes miss out on new channels that I'd like.

I'm curious if I'm missing something and what other people do. Just rescan once a month just in case? Ignore retunes until failed recordings? Track KingOfSat and retune if an interesting channel arrives?

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