Coming back stronger after a disaster -- upgrade frontend

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Crash Gordon
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Coming back stronger after a disaster -- upgrade frontend

Post by Crash Gordon » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:55 pm

Been running myth for 5 or 6 years now.

Long story short... Finally signed up for SchedulesDirect; when adding support for XMLTV somehow the backend was fatally borked -- looks like it actually got uninstalled?! Anyway, it completely doesn't work. Doesn't even appear in menus any more.

So I decided now is the time to switch to 64-bit hardware & finally run multiple tuner cards (I have three HVR-1600) so I did that and it took a week to get it all running. I now have a machine running the latest (29) backend and frontend, I get the (non-XML :-) SchedulesDirect guide, and I can record and watch shows. The next step is to get my remote frontends working with the new backend. No surprise, they don't "just work" -- the schema is out of date and the frontends need to also be updated to 29. I ran Update Manager and told it to install all updates, but this doesn't seem to have done the trick.

So -- how do I take an existing mythbuntu frontend from 0.25 to 29 without just reformatting and starting over?

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