Donating to MythTV?

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Donating to MythTV?

Post by Vaska » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:51 pm


I've been a very long time user of MythTV and I can't imagine life without it. I'm not a programmer and haven't been able to contribute in any meaningful way, for which I'm feeling pretty guilty. Around this time of year I make a modest monetary donation to an organization I like and this year I would really like to donate to MythTV.

I don't remember seeing any "Donate to this project" buttons or posts anywhere so I have a few questions.
1. How can I donate some leafy greeny cashy monies, fundages and such, to the MythTV project?
2. Are such donations accepted? Can they help the project? I imagine that money is needed to feed programmers, pay for services like GIT or to buy equipment for testing, but I just don't recall seeing any requests for help, at least not lately, maybe ten years ago I saw something.

Anywho, thanks a giant metric ton to everyone who helps keep this incredible program working! Please let me show my appreciation by donating.


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Re: Donating to MythTV?

Post by Steve Goodey » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:41 am


I have donated to MythTV in the past. What I have done is seen who has been active in submitting commits and then contacted the dev concerned and offeried a donation direct. Some have accepted, some have not and joining Paypal was a reason for refusing.

Donations for servers etc. would be welcomed I assume but there does not seem to be an easy way, such as a donate button, to allow for that.


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Re: Donating to MythTV?

Post by bonelifer » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:57 am

An even better thing would be to poll those submitters and see if there is any hardware needed to add new functionality that you can donate to help get new hardware supported.

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