HD-PVR2 support (please vote)

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Would you be willing to pay for HD-PVR2 support?

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Re: HD-PVR2 support (please vote)

Postby paulh » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:11 am

I'd start by checking to see if the files you are creating actually have the audio streams present.

If you have ffmpeg installed you could probe a file to see what streams are present like this :-
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ffprobe /path/to/file/filename.ts

If you have mediainfo installed you can do the same with that :-
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mediainfo /path/to/file/filename.ts

From what I can remember of the linux PVR2 support there isn't actually a proper driver but a utility that you have to run to capture from the device. Is there not a command line option to switch audio inputs?

One of out developers (John Poet) is working with hauppauge to add support to MythTV to be able to record from the PVR2 so he should be able to help better than me.
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Re: HD-PVR2 support (please vote)

Postby harpax » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:12 pm

I've honestly given up on the HD-PVR(2) route and went this way:

https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/IPTV_Encode ... ure_Device

I don't have the encoder I purchased 100% working yet, the channel changing is still an issue, but I can watch the MPEGTS stream from the encoder in mythtv. I was going to work on hacking on the IPTV/Freebox recorder to see if I can get it to use a channel change script. Some looking at it last night suggest that it may not be that difficult of a thing to get going, rather then attaching a bunch of other scripts to system events.

I wanted to contribute a bit to that wiki article but I can't create an account (different thread).

I'd like to write a clone of the IPTV recorder which actually just specifies a single URL to read the stream from instead of importing a m3u playlist, and supports an external channel change script. Much like the HDHOMERUN using these should be just that simple. I'm probably good enough with C++ to hack up the existing IPTV recorder to get it to work the way I want, but i'm not certain I'm good enough with it to actually add another recorder.

These devices seem to be a reasonable alternative to the HD-PVRs though.
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Re: HD-PVR2 support (please vote)

Postby Gribnif » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:48 pm

The lack of anything but 2-channel audio makes the IPTV encoder option a non-starter for me.
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Re: HD-PVR2 support (please vote)

Postby dbrummund » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:24 pm

I heard back from Hauppauge technical support. There is a bug with the current PVR2 driver that results in no audio enabled. If you have a windows PC with the windows driver installed, you can connect the PVR2 to it and run a short recording to activate the audio, then disconnect the the usb cable from the windows PC and and connect to your linux PC. The audio will then work with linux (until the PVR2 power is reset). The issue is audio won't work with linux when the PVR2 is cold booted. I don't have a windows PC to test this work around. There is supposed to be a fix for the driver that is being tested. I requested they send it to me but have not heard back in the last week. I may look into the IPTV as suggested. I'll share if I here anything else from Hauppauge about the audio fix. paulh is correct that there is no actual "driver", but a binary file that is built following the accompanying instructions using the make command. The binary is then called from the command line with appropriate options to select input source (HDMI, Composite or Component).
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