The future of MythTV

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Re: The future of MythTV

Post by TMonster » Wed May 11, 2022 11:41 am

I've just upgraded (to 32), which is about the only time I view the forum, so apologies for the late response :)

My thoughts... after firstly thanking everyone who's helped to create this fantastic system

Generally everything works fine once it's setup - and that's my main 1st point... my opinion is that the future of MythTV depends on simplification.

This is for everything... the UI, wiki, forum, mailing list, bug tracker all appear to be separate entities - which is probably due to historical reasons as this project has been around for so long

I've updated the Wiki when I've found things "wrong" (out of date), and I've created a couple of bug reports on the old bug tracker, so I've tried to be proactive rather than just a complainer :D

For us, we almost exclusively use a combined FE/BE for all our entertainment: TV, Videos, Music

It powers up to record TV programs from the internal Hauppauge tuner and shuts down again... We also wake it up via Home Assistant (and use MythWelcome to help prevent it powering back off again for a while) - with the cost of electricity, a permanently on 24/7 box is not an option for us.

With FreeView / DVB broadcasting the schedule data, we don't use Schedules Direct, etc

As many have said, skipping commercials is just fantastic - after watching a film at a friend's house with them trying to fast-forward through adverts (on their paid-for satellite TV system), I was very thankful to all the devs who have worked (past & future) on this great system

Also, having TV programs in profiles is great - I can keep my motorsport recordings in a separate list than my wife's crime dramas and that's just great...

I have never used the "Trailers" feature to watch trailers before a video...

The only plugin we use is MythMusic, which is not intuitive to use, but we stick with it because everything's in 1 place.

Our system runs on Arch Linux, because we had issues with *buntu being so out of date with various components - and in some ways, the Arch Linux wiki was better than the MythTV one when it came to setting up the first install...

As a sweeping statement, the overall UI is dated and overly complex (esp. MythMusic - it's terrible ;) ) - but there's nothing better as a backend.

I've looked at Kodi and while it looked nice with swishy menus, in the end I just wanted a combined system from the same (great) developers. I looked at trying to create my own theme, but got totally overwhelmed with the theming and just gave up - if the UI theming could be improved (or just the documentation?), then I think that would help...

1BE + many FE is also a great feature and I'd use it more if the MythMusic plugin was better as that would be our go-to solution for multi-room audio. Instead we use Volumio for audio (which just clones the MythTV music folder), but that was purely because there was no simply way to use MythMusic on a small device. Volumio has it's own issues, so if I could use multi room audio with MythTV+MythMusic, then that's my preference.

I have no intention of ever subscribing to the streaming services (ie Netflix, etc), but we do watch BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc - so we just lock Myth, open a web browser and watch them there... if that could be combined into MythTV (ie MythNetVision), then that would be fantastic, but again, MythNetVision had issues (I need to revisit since the upgrade to 32).

I've no idea why the MythTV package includes applications like FFmpeg, when those could use the distro's version (maybe that's due to some distros being slow to update?)

So, again, I think the future is simplification :)

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