Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

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Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

Postby cliveb » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:37 pm

OK, this is a really weird one, and needs a little bit of background info about my setup...
- Using SD Freeview in the UK.
- Running a backend and frontend on an Acer Revo R3700, connected via HDMI to a Sharp TV.
- Also running a separate frontend on a Raspberry Pi2, connected via HDMI to a LG TV.

Playing back recordings made after 9pm on August 2nd (when the Freeview TV guide was updated) on the Raspberry Pi2 on the LG TV have caused a box to pop up, which states:
"The Freeview TV guide has been updated to make space for more channels. Please retune to get this update".
The box appears after about 5 seconds. After that, I notice a brief glitch in playback every 4 or 5 seconds. Eventually the box disappears.

Playing the same recordings on the Acer Revo to the Sharp TV does not cause the box to pop up.

Only recordings made from BBC1 and BBC2 are affected.

I did happen to see exactly the same box pop up on the Sharp TV when watching live TV through the Sharp's own tuner (ie. not via MythTV). And when I say "exactly the same box", I mean just that: the same text, colour, format and border. I did a factory reset on the Sharp TV and the box no longer appears.

My theory is that there is some kind of signal embedded every 4 or 5 seconds in the broadcast mpeg stream (and hence has got into the recording) that the LG TV is interpreting but the Sharp TV isn't. Would that make sense?

I guess the question I'm asking is whether anyone knows exactly what's going on, and whether retuning the MythTV channel map would help.

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Re: Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

Postby mythbuntubox » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:53 pm

This reminder will probably be switched off soon, but if you can't wait, disable interactive TV in the MythTV frontend settings temporarily:

Setup > Video > Playback OSD > Untick "Enable interactive TV"

No notification box during playback, but of course also not interactive TV features.

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Re: Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

Postby MikeB2013 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:00 pm

I am guessing you are using PCIe or usb tuners for UK Freeview.
Freeview moved channel numbers around and changed the program guide on 2nd August.
Details of the channel changes are at https://www.freeview.co.uk/news-and-blo ... IUIjBrP.97

I am still seeing these messages, as of writing, even after a retune, hopefully these messages will disappear after a few days. You can get rid of the messages by unticking "Enable interactive TV" (mythtv frontend Setup >Video> Playback OSD). Note this disables all MHEG functionality.

If running mythtv on mythbuntu 16.04 (or similar) make sure mythtv-backend is not running (sudo systemctl stop mythtv-backend.service) before going into mythtv-setup to do a rescan. After the rescan you may find some channel numbers have changed, so you may need to adjust them to your own preference.

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Re: Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

Postby cliveb » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:41 pm

Many thanks for the replies, have disabled interactive TV on the RPi frontend and all is now fine.
I didn't realise it was MythTV that was popping up this message - I thought it was the TV interpreting something in the video stream.
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Re: Updated Freeview TV Guide issue

Postby Paul Dummett » Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:26 am

Thanks for the clarification, Mike! Got it working.
He wants to put time back and replay it, but I won't let him do this one more time. I outmaneuvered him.
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