Recording multiple stations from one tuner

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Recording multiple stations from one tuner

Post by pinnerite » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:59 pm

I understand that the default number of stations from a single multiplex that can be recorded from one tuner is two.
However when I select programs to be recorded there is no indication from MythTV's program finder as to which multiplex any station is on.
So is this a useful feature or not?
If (I am clever enough) to select say three programs from a single multiplex, how will Myth know which ones to records?
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Re: Recording multiple stations from one tuner

Post by wesnewell » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:47 pm

You can change the default to a max of 5 and it will record 5 shows on one tuner. Over here, the channels on the same stream have the same base channel number. Have no idea where you are.
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Re: Recording multiple stations from one tuner

Post by PhilB » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:14 pm

If you are receiving terrestrial DVB-T in the U.K. then you will almost certainly find that all the main BBC channels are on one multiplex, the ITV, channel 4 and channel 5 on another. HD will use a third, and the minority channels two more.

Now when you set up your tuners they will be allocated virtual tuners via multirec. In your case, with the defaults, first tuner will have 1 & 2 and the second 3 & 4. If you had set up multirec 3 then they would be 1 2 & 3 and 4 5 & 6. Altering to 3 now will result in 1 2 & 5 and 3 4 & 6. Those logical tuners are shown on the upcoming recording screen.
If you run mythweb then there is a channel page showing the frequency Id for each program. For me receiving Crystal Palace, BBC one is on 23. I infer that these match the frequency band used and are equivalent to the old analogue channel numbers (which I think were in the range) 21 to 69.

With two tuners set to multirec you should have a very flexible setup with very few clashes if using standard definition.
I understand that satellite has fewer channels per multiplex.

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