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Automatically handling split films

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:07 am
by damion2
A number of the minor channels (random examples: Paramount, ITV4, channel 5), divide feature films with a 5 minute alternative broadcast where you'd normally expect the adverts. This has bitten me many times, the worst case being if I don't notice until the film cuts out half way through when watching it.

I try to remember if it's one of these channels and double check the duration when requesting a record. If it's under 90 mins, I realise it's one of these situations. I address this by checking the end point of the second half, so I know how much significant padding needs to be added at the end of the earlier initial recording so the film is in one file.

However I don't always remember to check. I also believe this should be fixable via some automation so none of us have to do similar again.

I can't see any current threads discussing this but perhaps it's come up years ago. Does any one have any thoughts?

- Damion