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XMLTV programme image

Post by AshJG » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:37 pm

HI, i've been using tv_grab_uk_atlas successfully for ~6 months thanks to this forum, however, i have another quick question! when i look at : ... T00:00:00Z

i see:

Code: Select all

<ProgramGuide version="1.0" serializerVersion="1.1">
<CallSign>BBC Two HD</CallSign>
<ChannelName>BBC Two HD</ChannelName>
<Title>Family Guy</Title>
<SubTitle>Valentine's Day in Quahog</SubTitle>
<StartTs xsi:nil="true"/><EndTs xsi:nil="true"/>

Atlas (metabroadcast) provides the programme image/artwork i believe e.g this http://atlas.metabroadcast.com/#!dszxhc, how do i get the <Artwork> tag filled with the relevant pro gramme artwork?

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Re: XMLTV programme image

Post by dekarl » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:49 am

This is not implemented and I don't know of a coordinated effort to change that.

The tricky thing is to find a universal way that avoids "download all images for all programmes in the highest possible resolution, just in case somebody might look at it" but still works well with the Atlas->XMLTV Atlas grabber->XMLTV File->MythTV Database->Client of MythTV's service API pipeline.
I've been thinking about a way to get at least some movie/series/season banners into the guide data by connecting the guide and themoviedb/thetvdb. But that's not so easy either. (Hint atlas and xmltv.se may carry thetvdb style seriesids already) Obviously that is a far way to proper pictures of actors - in character - for all upcoming programs.

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