Freeview’s final decade? A timeline of events

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Freeview’s final decade? A timeline of events

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An interesting article for anyone in the UK about the future of Freeview :- ... ellite-tv/

Also some early information about Freely the service starting later this year that is supposed to replace Freeview and Freesat :- ... will-work/

The confusing thing for me is this is obviously about the future of linear TV but it's been hard not to notice all the TV stations are pushing their own on demand services like crazy at the moment "Watch live tonight at 9 or any time for free on our on demand service". So what do they really want us to use Freely or their OD services? It would be nice if Freely could support both linear and OD TV in an all in one convenient app so we don't have to install and subscribe many different services for OD but I suspect that's unlikely to happen :(
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