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Save Money on Your Cable Bill by Using MythTV

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 6:53 pm
by heyted
You can get a discount on your cable bill if you use your own CableCARD enabled device instead of using a set-top box or DVR from the cable company. Federal Communications Commission Rule 76.1205(b)(5) requires that your cable company must give you a discount on any packages that include the price of a set-top box if you choose to use your own CableCARD-enabled device. This is applicable to many packages offered today. With very few exceptions, the FCC mandates that your cable company must give you a CableCARD if you request one. Since 2011, the CableCARD must support multiple streams, so you only need a single CableCARD to serve multiple devices throughout your home.

The first step is to verify that MythTV is compatible with the channels that you want or are part of your cable TV package. Next, return your set-top box to the cable company and request a CableCARD. You need to purchase a CableCARD tuner that can be connected to either a computer or directly to your router. Please see my blog if you would like to see more information about specific products and prices. There are many resources on the internet that provide instructions for the usage of the CableCARD device you get and setting up your computer to use MythTV. You may need to call your cable company and politely remind them that the discount is required and cite the rule indicated above. The rule is publicly viewable by navigating to ... s-title-47, and following the applicable link provided.

I recently had a somewhat difficult time getting Comcast to give me the discount described above because my Comcast Xfinity service is part of a bulk account. My home owners association pays Comcast, and I pay for cable service as part of the HOA monthly fee. I previously had the discount applied to my monthly Comcast internet service bill, but for an unknown reason, they quit applying the discount. After talking to enough people on the phone at Comcast, I was able to continue the discount this year. I will have to call them again next year.

Re: Save Money on Your Cable Bill by Using MythTV

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:57 am
by ritasay
I've been using MYTHTV for quite some time now and is not planning to change it.

Re: Save Money on Your Cable Bill by Using MythTV

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:13 am
by heyted