Australian Transmitter retune

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Australian Transmitter retune

Post by acain » Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:21 am


The transmitter retune hit Sydney last Tuesday where SBS changed frequency. I thought it may be a good opportunity to re-scan my channels using mythtv-setup.

Well I ended up being able to receive broadcasts from four different transmitters, each of varying reception quality. I managed Sydney (Gore Hill, Artarmon), South West Sydney, Illawarra and Bowral/Mittagong.

I duly added all the signals I could, so that I could compare the various broadcasts and settle on the best options. However, all didn't seem right with Mythtv channel selection. It would seem that when I selected what I thought was the same channel but on different transmitters, Mythtv would use the same transmitter regardless.

I dug into the tables in Mythtv and found that the scanning tables had picked up all the different transmitters but the dtv_multiplex table seemed to have far fewer entries. For instance for the ABC it had only the South West transmitter frequency of 620.5MHz and no entry for Gore Hill at 226.5MHz. So i think that regardless of which ABC channel I am picking, I always get the South West Sydney transmitter?

Looking at the scanning tables both the Sydney transmitter and the SouthWest Sydney transmitter have the same transport id and network id. Hence I assume mythtv doesn't support duplicates of these?

Anyway has anyone experienced something similar?

If so, how did you end up choosing the best transmitter when you had multiple signals?

- Andrew

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Re: Australian Transmitter retune

Post by dekarl » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:33 am

see ... 61815.html
On 19.03.2014 04:08, my thtv wrote:
Can mythtv show the same channel (2 channels with identical transportid, networkid and serviceid) but on different frequencies?
No, this mandatory feature of DVB-T receivers has not yet been implemented in MythTV.
If not how can you choose which transmitter between multiples transmitting the same channels?
Pick one of the transmitters and manually scan only this one frequency after the full scan. Basically "last save/scan wins".

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