Myth and Kodi in Aus...

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Myth and Kodi in Aus...

Post by maninblack_30 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:20 pm

Hello all of you!
I've been using SageTV for probably 12 years now, and bought several of their "HD Extenders" which were little set-top boxes which run the a client which provides the front-end on all the TV's in our house, however they are getting on a bit and can't play the newer H265 and other newer codecs, so I figure it's time to look at alternatives...I'd like to try and emulate the SageTV experience as much as possible, so we can watch things on one TV, then move to another and continue watching etc... I have a basic setup working ATM, using ubuntu 1804LTS and MythTV .30 and Kodi 18 on Xbox One and 2 HD-Homerun dual tuners.
I would love to hear if anyone has any experience with android TV boxes (T95Z for example) running Kodi (especially when it comes to DD5.1 and DTS etc.)…
Most of our use is Free-to-air recording, and also dumping of files on to server shares to enable them to be watched on TV's throughout the house

I'm really looking forward to hearing other peoples thoughts.....


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