IceTV Series Recording for MythTV

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IceTV Series Recording for MythTV

Post by DaveR » Wed May 18, 2016 4:19 am

IceTV Australia have published their latest API documentation so that programmers can create a plugin or extension to add IceTV's Interactive Smart Series Recording to their favourite digital TV recording software like mythTV, for Australian users.

If needed an IceTV subscription will provided to make it possible for you to develop a plugin or extension, with a free 12 month subscription on completion.

IceTV API Specification:

There is an email address at the bottom of the IceTV API Specification homepage so that you can ask your questions relating to integrating this API into a mythTV plugin.

Plus there is a thread discussing the IceTV API on the IceTV website here: ... tion/5065/

Dave at IceTV

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Re: IceTV Series Recording for MythTV

Post by dekarl » Mon May 23, 2016 8:00 am

Hi Dave,

thank you for the offer. I ran it by developers of our scheduler and it appears that there are conceptual differences that make the integration non-straightforward.
As we schedule based on the guide data (e.g. a seriesid if present) I looked for the XMLTV grabber to start with the basic integration, but found only old references to a shared IceTV/OzTivo grabber that appears to have fallen off the internet. (I googled around, followed some links, but all were dead ends. Just what I could do in 15 minutes)
So the first step would be (re-)writing a XMLTV grabber for the basic guide data. I'll reach our to the XMLTV community about that. (Maybe a grabber is already out there, but I didn't find it.) Then we can consider a deeper integration for the scheduling as a second step on top of it.
API keys would be useful for development and setting up automated regression testing of the grabber/data at ... e/nightly/

Karl (also a dev over at XMLTV)

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