Channel 9 retune failure

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Channel 9 retune failure

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Hi All,

I'm in Adelaide and receiving TV signal from My Lofty.
I have just spent the day trying to get channel nine working again after today' s rescan. I was only getting a Partial Lock on channel nine.

I hope this will help anyone else having the same trouble.
Bottom line, after much searching online, I found the fix (at least for me).

Go into the backend setup and delete all channels and most importantly, delete all "Transports".
Do this by clicking the "Edit Transports" (found on the "Channel Editor" page).
It appears the Network Id and possibly something else has changed.
Perform a full rescan and channel nine should now be OK.

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Re: Channel 9 retune failure

Post by dekarl »

Thanks for the heads up. That sounds like #11864.
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