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by m_kane
Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:15 pm
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Using android tv box as frontend
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Using android tv box as frontend

Any advice? I have old nvidia ion mainboard based setup in my bedroom working as mythtv frontend. It now has mb issues, and it seems difficult to find microatx ion mainboards. I am thinking to buy some kind of android tv box and use it as frontend. Has anybody done that? Is there any good guides for...
by m_kane
Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:46 am
Forum: Linux
Topic: mplayer fullscreen problem
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mplayer fullscreen problem

I am using mplayer as alternative video player, because myth has difficulties with some videos I have. However, I have problem with full screen mode. It draws picture to left top corner, not center of screen. I have screen with full hd resolution (1920x1080). If I watch video with different resoluti...